Ningbo, September 9 (Reporter Linbo) "Everything here is great, and our team is ready to compete. According to Ricardo Cunha de Freitas, coach of the Chinese women's beach volleyball team (hereinafter referred to as "Ricardo"), the players trained very well and hoped to play their training demeanor.

Training site of the Chinese women's beach volleyball team. Photo by China News Network reporter Lin Bo

The beach volleyball competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games will kick off at 9 o'clock on September 19 at the Ningbo Xiangshan Banbian Mountain Beach Volleyball Center.

"So far, all of our preparations are in place." According to Ruan Haihai, director of the operation and maintenance of the venue facilities of the operation team of Ningbo Banbian Mountain Beach Volleyball Center, at present, the preliminary preparations such as sand screening for the competition have been completed, and everything is ready on site.

It is understood that a total of 17 teams from 48 countries and regions signed up for the beach volleyball competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games. The tournament runs from September 9 to 19 and will result in two gold medals in women's and men's beach volleyball.

According to the schedule, Ningbo Banbian Mountain Beach Volleyball Center will hold about 9 matches over a period of 100 days, with 19 matches per day during the group stage. The women's and men's beach volleyball gold medals will be awarded on September 9 and September 27, respectively.

"Sports is not just what you want, it's about your efforts. Our players are working hard. Ricardo said that Wang Fan's teammate is a young lady at the moment, "a mix of more experienced players and young players, I believe in them." ”

"I hope that through this game, we will strengthen the experience and tacit understanding between us." Wang Fan, a Chinese women's beach volleyball team player, said in an interview that she and her teammates "teamed up" earlier this year and have accumulated some experience.

"Expect results, but process is also important." Regarding the race, Wang Fan said that there must be some expectations, "The best expectation is definitely standing on the podium, but no matter what the outcome is, we will give it our all." (End)