Lishui, September 9 (Shao Yanfei, Fu Feiyang) "In the past, being selected for the Asian Games was one of my goals, but now it has become a reality, and I hope to win a gold medal for the Chinese team at the 'doorstep'. Wang Nan, a canoeist and preparing for the canoeing still water event of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou (hereinafter referred to as the Hangzhou Asian Games), said in an interview.

Canoeist Wang Nan. Photo courtesy of the United Front Work Department of the Gyeongwon County Party Committee

In September 2000, Wang Nan was born in Waitong Village, Sishang Township, Qingyuan County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, and she showed excellent water sports talent since she was a child. After becoming an athlete, Wang Nan realized the transformation from "Xiaobai" to "Xiaobai" through hard training.

"When I was 14 years old, I competed nationally for the first time, and with the mentality of 'focus on participation', I didn't expect to win three gold medals. After that competition, I felt that life has infinite possibilities, and I became more and more convinced to train well and break through myself. Wang Nan said.

Constantly practicing her ideals and goals, Wang Nan's performance has also improved day by day - she finished sixth in the women's four-man kayak 500m event at the Tokyo Olympics; She represented the Chinese team in the final of the women's four-man kayak 2023m Group A at the 500 Canoe World Cup in France, winning the championship with a time of 1:33.88.

Kayaking is a sport that tests speed and endurance, and training is tough. And Wang Nan has been training hard and constantly breaking through herself, even if she goes home from vacation, she will insist on running long distances every day to ensure that her physical fitness does not decline.

"Nan Nan, when I was a child, I was very well-behaved and worked hard." "During the Chongyang Festival, Nan Nan still came to the village to see us." "Hopefully, she can do well 'on her doorstep'." The Hangzhou Asian Games are approaching, and the villagers have expressed their love and wishes for Wang Nan. It turned out that in 2021, Wang Nan, who loves her hometown, became a member of the Silting Village Sage Association, and on the eve of the Chongyang Festival that year, she took time to go to the Witong Village Cultural Auditorium to comfort the elderly and send warmth to them.

"The Xinxiang sage group represented by Wang Nan has significantly promoted the development of rural public welfare undertakings and the cultivation of patriotic and family-loving feelings, and I look forward to her standing on the podium again." Ye Xingliang, member of the United Front Work Committee of Tsushang Township, said.

At present, the preparation time is tight, the task is heavy, every day is a challenge, and in addition to training, Wang Nan misses the yellow kueh and shiitake mushrooms in his hometown the most. "Now I want to live every day well, do a good job in every training, and hope to win glory for the country and add color to my hometown." Wang Nan said. (End)