Shaoxing, 9 September (Zhongxin Net) -- "Seeing athletes from my own country competing, I feel very kind. No matter which country wins, we are happy. On September 19, "post-9s" Kyrgyzstan girl Darika said in an interview at the gymnasium of the sports center of China Textile City. She was accompanied by a Kazakh girl Fari.

In the morning of the same day, the men's volleyball event of the Hangzhou Asian Games began, and Kyrgyzstan played the first match against Kazakhstan, and Kazakhstan won the first preliminary round 3:2. In the spectator area, two girls from the two countries rushed to the Asian Games arena to cheer on the competition.

The first match of the men's volleyball event at the Hangzhou Asian Games. Photo by Xiang Jing

This spring, Darica and Fari came to Zhejiang Normal University to study design together. Knowing that there was a match of their own national team during the Hangzhou Asian Games, the two met early to buy tickets.

"Men's volleyball is the first game we watched at the Hangzhou Asian Games. We haven't been back to China for months because of our studies, and it's really nice to see athletes from our own country in China. Darica told reporters that the two had to rush back to school in the afternoon to watch the Asian Games football match and "cheer for the Kyrgyz football team."

The first time to "check in" the Asian Games venues, Fari was pleasantly surprised, "The venues are very big and beautiful. Although I am not good at playing volleyball, volleyball is very teamwork, and I can feel the warm atmosphere and sportsmanship conveyed by the scene. ”

The gymnasium of China Textile City Sports Center is located in Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, and undertakes the volleyball competition task of this Asian Games. Zheng Cheng, deputy media commander of the venue, said in an interview that in order to ensure the Asian Games events, the venue has carried out many aspects of transformation and upgrading, such as replacing the original gas discharge lamps with LED lamps to achieve a more energy-saving effect; The larger and sharper screen was replaced, and the pixel pitch was upgraded from P10 to P2.5.

"In terms of the arena, to avoid volleyball players being disturbed by the light on the top of the venue when jumping and serving, we also added a black PC blackout cloth to the top." Zheng Cheng said.

The volleyball competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games will be held from September 9 to October 19, and 10 teams will compete in Hangzhou Normal University (Cangqian Campus) Gymnasium, Deqing Sports Center Gymnasium, Linping Sports Center Gymnasium, China Textile City Sports Center Gymnasium, and the final will be held in Hangzhou Normal University (Cangqian Campus) Gymnasium and Linping Sports Center Gymnasium, resulting in a total of 7 gold medals.

It is reported that on the evening of September 9 and 20, the Chinese men's volleyball team will face the Kyrgyzstan men's volleyball team and the Kazakhstan men's volleyball team respectively. (End)