Wilfredo Leon, 30, is a big star in the volleyball world and he makes the most headlines for his rock-hard serves.

In the European Championship group stage, he broke the world record for serving hard when his serve ace against Denmark was measured at 138 kilometers per hour.

CLIP: Here's where Wilfredo Leon puts the world's hardest serve ace

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Here Wilfredo Leon sets the world's hardest serve ace

In the final balls of the European Championship final against Italy, which Poland won 3-0 in sets, Leon struck with another serve ace of rank.

"It's a ball that's basically impossible to take. Gee, just bow and bow. It comes at 130 kilometers per hour and is so far from the serve receiver that there is no chance to react and take it, says SVT's commentator couple Björn Hansén and Andréa Jacobsson.

Leon was born in Cuba, but when he chose to play in a club team outside the country's borders in 2012, he was no longer allowed to represent Cuba in national team contexts.

In 2015, Leon became a Polish citizen, and in 2019 he made his debut in the Polish national team.