The Spanish Football Federation has issued a statement through its website in which it promises the players of the women's team "a safe environment" and asks them to "join the change" that has occurred in the organization during the last days. Pending the squad list for Nations League matches, the 39 players who resigned have not yet announced whether they will be available for matches.

In the text, the RFEF "wants to convey the public commitment acquired by the new management" with the aim of "expressing clearly, and without internal or external interpretations, the strategic axes in this new stage". Some somewhat ambiguous phrases in which it is not clear what the current situation is in Las Rozas.

"The Federation is aware of the need to make structural changes and has begun to materialize in recent dates," announces the Federation, which recognizes that it has made "difficult decisions in recent days."

Without Jorge Vilda and with Montse Tomé on the bench, the players have maintained their position of rejecting the call of the selection until there are structural changes in several departments, ensuring that they have suffered macho attitudes "from several positions of the RFEF". An accusation of which the Federation asks "to clarify each of the behaviors and behaviors that may have occurred and act, therefore, with professionalism and justice, settling the pertinent responsibilities in each case."

That is, the Federation undertakes to study each case, but does not make it clear whether or not it will make the decision to dispense with the list of names that the internationals have written. "It is evident that the Federation, society and the players themselves are aligned on the same objective: the renewal and the beginning of a new stage where football is the great beneficiary of this whole process," the statement said.

The RFEF, now led by Pedro Rocha, has urged the players "to join this change led by the Federation, understanding that the transformations that must continue must be solid and fair." A sentence in which the entity seems to ask for restraint in its requests to the internationals.


We guarantee a safe environment for the players and we bet on a climate of mutual trust, "the organization has finished its text, asking the world champion players to "show off the star" once and for all.

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