Tenshin Nasukawa, who was called the "child prodigy" of kickboxing, won his second match after turning professional boxing by a 2-3 decision.

Nasukawa, who won all 47 fights in kickboxing and other martial arts, switched to boxing this year and won by decision in his debut fight in April at super bantamweight.

Then, on the 4th, at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, he fought his second fight after switching to Japan, where he faced Mexico's national champion Luis Guzmán at a mutually agreed weight limit in the bantamweight division.

Nasukawa countered his opponent's right straight about a minute into the first round to get his first down of the match.

After that, he continued to dominate with the aggressive style he had honed, hitting his left body in addition to counters, and took his second down in the seventh round.

They took the initiative and fought through eight rounds, winning by decision 18-2.

After the match, Nasukawa said, "I think I was able to get a down and show that I have grown, and I was able to show my seriousness in boxing," and smiled wryly, "Life is not going well" based on the fact that he was not able to win the knockout that he had been aiming for.

Looking ahead, he said, "I'm going to go on the strongest path, and I'm definitely going to be the champion. He will be a man that everyone can be proud of."