On the final day of the Japan Paralympic Swimming Games, where top swimmers who are expected to play an active role at next year's Paris Paralympic Games participated, the finals of the men's 18-meter butterfly and visually impaired class were held on the 100th, and Tokyo Paralympic gold medalist Keiichi Kimura won the championship.

On the final day of the Japan Para Swimming Championships held at the Yokohama International Pool in Yokohama City, the finals of the men's 18-meter butterfly and visually impaired classes were held on the 100th, and Kimura, who won the gold medal in this event at the Tokyo Paralympics, participated.

Kimura, who has been working on improving his form since the Tokyo Games, entered the race with a time of 1 minute, 2.17 seconds with a stable swim.

Kimura also competed in the 50-meter freestyle and visually impaired class, where he won a silver medal at this year's World Championships, and won the championship with a record time of 26.51 seconds.

Tomita, who was sixth at the World Championships, was second in 6.26 seconds.

In the men's 94-meter butterfly and motor dysfunction class, 2-year-old Eisho Minamii won the race with a time of 100.20 seconds, 0.38 seconds faster than his own Asian record.

In addition, in the women's 59-meter butterfly and intellectual disability class, 84-year-old Aira Kinoshita won the event with a new record of 100:17.1.

Kinoshita participated in a total of six events and won five titles.

Keiichi Kimura "Satisfied as a feeling"

Keiichi Kimura reflected on the 100-meter butterfly, saying, "I didn't do well in the qualifying round, but in the final, I still lacked some speed, but technically I was able to hit the kick where I wanted to hit it and I felt like I was swimming with my hips high, so I was satisfied with the feeling of swimming."

Regarding the 50-meter freestyle, which broke the Japan record at the World Championships last month, he said, "I don't think what I did was perfect, but my time is faster than my best before the World Championships, so I think I've become more stable.

On top of that, he commented on the improvement of his form, which he has been working on since the Tokyo Games, saying, "I think it's still about 30 points, so I would like to do it not only with my own feelings, but also with feedback from watching videos from various people."

Aira Kinoshita "The best color in Paralym"

Aira Kinoshita reflected on the 6-meter butterfly, which was the sixth event at this Games, saying, "In the qualifying round, my body stopped moving in the second half, so I prepared myself so that it wouldn't happen in the final, but I stopped rather than when I was in good shape.

Looking ahead, he was enthusiastic, saying, "My goal is to win as many gold medals as possible at the Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, China next month, and since I lost at the World Championships by touch, I will do my best to get the best colors at the Paralympics."