On the ninth day of the sumo autumn tournament, Sekiwaki Wakamotoharu lost to Daieisho in the first match between the sekiwaki, leaving no wrestler with two or fewer losses in three or more roles. Takayasu and Atami Fuji are two players who have scored the win and are tied for the top spot with one loss.

On the 17th, after
the eighth day of Chunichi, Takayasu and 8-year-old Atami Fuji were tied at the top with one loss, and with two losses, Wakamotoharu and
Hiramatsu were chasing the three.

On the 1th, the ninth day of the second half of the match, Wakamotoharu had a record of 21 wins and 2 losses in the past matches, and faced the top match between Daieisho and Sekiwaki.

Wakamotoharu was attacked from the front by Daieisho, who has a strong push, and was unable to form a left four, which is his specialty, and was pushed out and lost, and retreated to three losses.

As a result, there are no wrestlers with two or fewer losses in three or more roles.

Among the wrestlers with one loss,
▽ Atami Fuji defeated Kinpuzan and
▽ Takayasu defeated Koto Emitsu
both by "close cut" to decide the winner.

Atami Fuji won for the first time in the second place in the makuuchi.

Takayasu and Atami Fuji will face each other head-to-head on the 2th of the 3th day.

On the 9th, of the three Ozeki who lost together for the first time, Kikagekatsu and Kirishima won and stayed on the ground with three losses.

On the other hand, Shin-ōzeki's Hoshōryū faced Kotonowaka of Shinsekiwaki, and suffered his sixth defeat by losing by a small hand throw due to a misplacement of the Gyoji army.

Win or loss after going inside

▽ Myogiryu ni Koto Katsuho, Koto Shengho won with "good throw".
Myogiryu had a winning streak stopped at 5 and fell back to 3 losses.

▽ The sea of Sada to Daishōpeng, the sea of Sada "Hitaki" due to the misallocation of the Gyoji army ▽ Hofuji to Hekiyama, Hekiyama "Hatakiri"

▽ Chiyo Shoma to North Qingpeng, North Qingpeng "Showered"

▽ Ontake Kai ni Kensho defended two losses with Kensho winning by "sending out".

▽ Teru ni Endo, Endo "lean off" ▽ Mt. Kinpu ni Atami Fuji defended one loss with "Kinpu Fuji"

winning, and scored his first victory in makuuchi.

▽ Nishikifuji to Wang Peng, Wang Peng "push"
▽ Gaoyasu to Koto Eguang defended one loss with Takayasu winning with "leaning"
and clinching the first win in three places.

▽ Abu Saki ni Hirado Kai, Abu Saki "Hatakin" ▽ Suifuji to Shonan Nokai, Suifuji to "Wind Up" ▽ Takashi wins Ryuden wins, Takashi wins by "


▽ Tama Eagle ni Asanoyama, Asanoyama "Leaning Off" ▽ Akio in Shodai, Akio won by "Outside Hanging" ▽ Flame ni Shomonkey won by "Sho Monkey", Aitis won by "


▽ Kitakatsu Fuji to Nishikiki, Kitakatsu Fuji "shoved" ▽ Daieisho to Wakamotoharu "pushed"

Wakamotoharu Wakamotoharu retreated to three losses as his winning streak from the third day stopped at six.

▽ Mt. Gonoyama Kakuban Ozeki Takakatsu ended his losing streak at 2 when Ki Jingsheng won with a "shove".

▽ Kakuban Ozeki Kirishima ni Ura Kira, Kirishima "pushed down" ▽ Kotonowaka ni Ozeki Toyo Shoryu was misassigned to the Gyoji army, Kotonowaka "small hand throw"

Shin Ozeki no Hoshoryu lost 1 consecutive losses, 1 wins and 3 losses.

Shinjuryō Ōnosato Nine consecutive wins from day one

In the Juryō, the newly promoted 3-year-old Ōnosato won the third place from the first ring to the first round by beating the makuuchi veteran Chiyomaru with a "leaning edge" to extend his winning streak from the first day to nine.

This is the first time a Shin-Juryo wrestler has won nine consecutive matches since Shotenwolf in Kyushu 23 years ago.

Reflecting on his efforts on the 9th, Ōnosato said, "I was thinking about taking my own sumo wrestling without letting my guard down, and I was able to calm down," and "I don't think about anything about the record. I just do it first thing a day."