Despite the resignation of former head coach Jorge Vilda and president Luis Rubiales, 39 players boycotted games for the Spanish national team, 21 of whom were part of the World Cup-winning squad. For a long time, there have been question marks over whether a squad will be selected and, if so, who will be included.

At a press conference on Monday, however, the new coaching staff and squad were presented.

41-year-old Montse Tomé is the new head coach and selected 23 players. Among them were 15 players who participated in the World Cup – including Alexia Putellas and Aitana Bonmati.

"We are preparing for the Olympics with the top 23 players. We want to start a new era. I'm surrounded by my coaching staff that I've been lucky enough to choose. I am proud to be part of an extremely professional coaching staff, says Tomé.

"Not going to reveal everything we've talked about"

Have you talked to the players?

"Yes, I've spoken to the players, I'm not going to reveal everything we've talked about. It's private. We stand behind Jennifer and all the players, we help them by being nearby and listening to the players.

One player missing is Jennifer Hermoso, who has come under the spotlight after former president Luis Rubiales kissed the player on the mouth during the award ceremony after the World Cup gold. The aftermath of the scandal has attracted worldwide attention and Rubiales has been accused of sexual assault.

Tomé explains the decision not to take the 33-year-old out.

"The best way to protect Hermoso is to keep her out of the squad.

Spain's match against Sweden will be played at Gamla Ullevi on Friday.

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