He didn't get his first win in his 11th attempt against England Japan.
The England National Team, which stood in the way this time, was led by old and new head coaches who were involved in strengthening the Japan.

His previous head coach was Eddie Jones.

In the 2003 World Cup, he led his home country Australia to a runners-up finish, and in the 2015 World Cup, as the head coach of the Japan, he honed his speed and momentum through thorough training called "hard work", which led to a historic victory against South Africa.

He then took charge of England and led the team to a runners-up finish in the last edition of the tournament in 2019.

Ahead of this tournament, we strengthened our Japan and worked hard to broaden the range of our play in addition to the 'hard work' that rebuilt England, but on the contrary, we lost sight of our rugby and fell into a slump.

Following defeats to Argentina and South Africa in test matches last autumn, the English Rugby Union sacked Jones.

He was succeeded by current head coach Steve Bosewick.

In fact, he coached the Japan national team under Mr. Boswick and Mr. Jones and helped them make a breakthrough in the 2015 tournament.

Head Coach Bosewick, who took over with nine months left until this tournament, aimed for simple rugby, which can be said to be a return to the roots.

We worked on set-pieces such as scrums and lineouts, as well as our defence, while also focusing on our attacking practice.

The key point is the "kick of tradition".

After scoring all the goals with kicks in the first match against Argentina in this tournament, he thoroughly took measures against Japan who were not good at handling high balls.

In the early stages of the match, Japan attacked with a sense of speed, but they used their kicks effectively to gradually draw the momentum.

However, head coach Boswick said after the game, "Japan has played incredibly smart and unconventional."

He also said:

"The players have done very well to find a solution, play challengingly and get results, and they have 'worked hard' every day to move forward even in a small period of preparation".

Behind England's victory was the presence of two new and old head coaches who also contributed to the growth of rugby in the Japan.