It is rather scant information so far, but a rumor has it that the Spanish players have not found out that they have been selected.

"I don't know what the communication has looked like, but she should be there now that they have accepted the national team," Angeldahl says of the fact that Hermoso is not included.

She received the kiss from Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales at the awards ceremony when they received their gold medals at the World Cup in Australia a month ago.

The coach justifies it by saying that she should be protected.

"I really don't know," said Manchester City player Angeldahl.

What is this uncertainty like?

"We're aiming for a game on Friday and we're focusing on that

"Must be a shock"

The players discuss the scant information but do not have much more insight than what the media has written about.

"It's a difficult situation for them and we're keeping up to date with what's happening. It's the Nations League and an incredibly important game, but we need to focus on our game, says Hammarby's Jonna Andersson.

"It feels like something that has been a long way back in time and that it's now time for a boycott," Andersson reflects.

If the Spanish players don't know they've been selected, what do you say about that?

– As I understand it, they have said that they are not eligible for selection so it must be a shock if they have been selected anyway, but I do not know what the dialogue looked like, says Andersson.

The match kicks off at 18.30pm on Friday.