Junto Nakatani, who won two weight classes in professional boxing, defended his title for the first time in this weight class by defeating challenger Mexican fighters 2-3 in a WBO = World Boxing Organization Super Flyweight title match.

The 25-year-old Nakatani became the WBO Super Flyweight Champion in May, winning two weight classes with the flyweight division.

On the evening of the 5th, in a title match held at Ariake Arena in Tokyo, he faced world No. 2 Arhi Cortez of Mexico.

Nakatani, who has a strong hitting style, picked up the pace by catching his face with a one-two punch from the beginning, and in the fifth round, he took two downs, including a left body strike to knock him down.

He then continued to dominate the ninth round, taking downs with consecutive punches from the left body, fighting through 18 rounds and winning a 6-5 decision to defend his title for the first time in this weight class.

After the match, Nakatani said, "I'm happy because I didn't want to defend my match, but I wanted to win the match and put in a good performance.