Kenshiro Teraji, the two-team unified champion of professional boxing light flyweight, defended his title title match against challenger South Africa by technical knockout in a world title match held on the evening of the 2th.

Teraji, the unification champion of the WBA = World Boxing Association and WBC = World Boxing Council, faced his second title match after unification at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo on the evening of the 2th.

Their opponent was WBC No. 18 Hecky Budler of South Africa, and Teraji attacked with various combinations such as one-twos from the beginning, while being hit with a series of punches.

However, in the ninth round, Teraji hit a right straight into his opponent's face, cornered him on the ropes, and the referee stopped the match when he was showered with consecutive blows.

As a result, Teraji defended his title by winning by technical knockout at 2:1 of the ninth round.

After the match, Teraji recalled, "I didn't deal any fatal damage, so I thought it was a decision, but my trainer told me that I would definitely beat him in the ninth round, so I thought I had to beat him or I wouldn't be able to go home."

Looking ahead, he said, "I would like to go to the third group next," and showed his enthusiasm for the three-team unification match.