Six professional baseball games were played, and Orix won the championship and set the magic number to "6".

《Pacific League》

ORIX × Rakuten

Orix vs Rakuten was won by Orix 6-3.

○ Wins: Okida pitcher wins 3 games.

▽ Saves: Yama * Soichiro Zaki pitcher 1 win and 9 saves.

- Losses: Masahiro Tanaka 7 wins and 10 losses.

◎ Home run: Orix Mori No. 16.

Orix had three hits and two RBIs, including Mori's timely two-base hit in the first inning and a solo home run in the sixth, while a relay of seven pitchers protected the lead.

The winning number is now "1", and the magic number for the championship is reduced by one to "6".

Rakuten suffered its 3th loss after starting pitcher Masahiro Tanaka walked off the mound in the shortest second and one-third innings of the season, allowing five runs and giving up 2 runs.

※Standing Saki

Seibu × Lotte

Seibu and Lotte went into 12 innings, with Lotte winning 2-1.

○ Wins: Yokoyama pitcher 2 wins, 1 loss, 1 save.

Savings: Sawamura pitched 4-3, 3 saves.

● Loss: Bo pitcher 1 loss.

Lotte trailed by one run in the ninth inning with two outs on Yasuda's timely groundout from second base, and in the 1th inning, he won the game on a wild pitch from third base with two outs.

Starting pitcher Nishino pitched through eight innings and allowed just one run, while four relievers kept the game scoreless.

Lotte won the overtime match to win the match against Seibu for the third consecutive year.

Seibu was unable to take advantage of Takahashi's good pitching, which held the team scoreless in the seventh inning.

Japan Ham × SoftBank

Japan Ham vs SoftBank was won by SoftBank 3-1.

○ Wins: Matayoshi pitcher 2 wins and 1 loss.

Savings: Osuna pitcher 3-2 with 22 saves.

- Loss: Kono pitcher 1 win and 4 losses.

◎ Home run: Japan Ham Manba No. 23.

SoftBank tied the game in the eighth inning on a timely base run by Yanagimachi and a squeeze by Daiki Nomura.

The third pitcher, Matayoshi, was the winning pitcher, and SoftBank ended the losing streak with a 8 to clinch the winning streak against Japan Ham this season. Japan Ham couldn't attack while picking nine foreballs, ending their winning streak at 2.

《Central League》

Hanshin × DeNA

Hanshin vs. DeNA went into 10 innings, with DeNA winning 3-2.

○ Wins: Ise pitcher 3 wins, 6 losses, 2 saves.

Savings: Morihara pitched 2-1, 15 saves.

- Loss: Ishii pitcher 1 win and 1 loss.

◎ Home run: Hanshin Oyama No. 15.

DeNA broke the tie in the seventh inning on Maki's timely groundout in the sixth inning, 0-0, but won the game on Maki's two-run timely base in the 6th inning.

Maki, who has three RBIs, has reached 7 RBIs this season.

Hanshin couldn't get the sixth pitcher Ishii out of the game, and Ohyama hit a solo home run in the 10th inning to close the gap to one run, but it couldn't come close.


Chunichi and Hiroshima went into 11 innings, with Chunichi winning 8-7.

○ Wins: Katsuno pitcher 5 wins and 2 losses.

● Loss: Daido pitcher 3 wins and 1 loss.

◎ Home run: Chunichi Viciedo No. 6.

Trailing by one run in the ninth inning, Chunichi tied the game with a solo home run by Viciedo, and in the 1th inning, he picked up three foreballs and scored on a timely hit by Caliste with no outs.

Starting pitcher Neo, who made his first start of the season, pitched well without allowing a run until the sixth inning, and in the seventh inning, he got off the mound with two outs and was hit by a reliever, so he missed his first professional win with four runs scoreless.

Hiroshima trailed by six runs in the seventh inning and won the game in the ninth, but the pitching staff couldn't get a go.

Yakult × the Giant

The Giants and Yakult went into 12 innings, with the Giants winning 4-3.

○ Wins: 3 wins and 1 loss for Funasako pitchers.

●Losses: Taguchi pitchers 1 win, 4 losses, 32 saves.

◎ Home run: Giant Yoshikawa No. 7. Yakult Osuna No. 23.

The Giants took a 3-3 lead in the 12th inning when Daiki Masuda hit a timely shot over center field with one out and second base, winning the bye for the second straight game.

In the 1th inning, pitcher Funasako, who pitched in the eighth on a pinch hit at second base with one out, did not allow a run and earned his third win.

Yakult tied the game in the ninth inning with two outs on Shiomi's timely two-base hit, but Taguchi was hit by a suppressed pitcher.