Linn Hansson made it 20-19 with her eighth goal of the evening. Hallby's goalkeeper Christina Lövgren-Hallberg made it 21-19 in the final minute on Fanny Elovson's shot, her sixth goal, and although Hallby took a timeout, they never had time to come back again.

"It was sitting deep in today. It was nice that we got two points, even if it wasn't always pretty. It was a bit tricky going forward and we didn't get the good ball drops. We have to get the attacking game together, says Linn Hansson to the Handball League.

Catch up at 18-18 in the final minutes

Hallby caught up when Elin Johansson stormed through and put 18-18, her fifth goal, which also became 19-19 before Önnered could draw the longest straw.

"I feel like it was the first half that ruined a little bit for us. It's nice to be able to go into others and turn it around, even if it wasn't enough all the way," says Hallby's Linnea Sundholm.