Wenzhou, September 9 (Zhou Jian) On the afternoon of the 14th, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province held a press conference on the 14th Asian Games Torch Relay in Hangzhou. The reporter learned from the press conference that the Wenzhou Station of the 19th Asian Games Torch Relay in Hangzhou will be officially launched at 19 a.m. on September 9, with a total duration of about two and a half hours, with a total of 15 torchbearers participating.

The scene of the press conference. Photo by Zhao Yong

With the theme of "Millennium Commercial Port, Happy Wenzhou", the torch relay carefully organized and arranged 170 points around the humanities, history, society and other elements contained in the relay route, fully considering the characteristics of the torchbearers themselves, closely combining the torchbearers' points and iconic sections, so that people with stories can run in places with stories, tell the "Wenzhou story" in an all-round way, spread the voice of Wenzhou, and show the style of Wenzhou.

The event was divided into three phases, the first stage was a starting ceremony at Songtai Square, the second stage was a torch relay by torchbearers, and the third stage was a fire collection ceremony on the city balcony. Among them, in the second stage, the torchbearers started from Songtai Square and passed along Xinhe Street - Cicada Street - Wuma Street - Park Road - Huancheng East Road - Anlanting (Ancient Port Ruins, Jiangxin Island) - Oujiang Road, and finally reached the city balcony, with a total length of about 9.2 kilometers.

Zhang Wei, deputy head of the operation support team of the Wenzhou Games Sub-headquarters of the Hangzhou Asian Games, member of the Standing Committee of the Lucheng District Party Committee and deputy mayor of Wenzhou City, said at the press conference that the ancient city of Wenzhou has retained the pattern of "landscape fighting city", and the torch relay route arranged this time is a Wenzhou urban development vein line, connecting the thousand-year-old city to Oujiang New City, focusing on Wenzhou's urban style, history and humanities, commercial and economic development and reform and opening up.

According to reports, the torchbearers of the Hangzhou Asian Games (Wenzhou Station) include outstanding athletes, coaches and other sports workers, as well as advanced representatives of various types in various fields such as Wen businessmen, models of the times, moral models, labor models, and "most beautiful figures", as well as representatives of ethnic minorities, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, and representatives of the disabled. The youngest of the torchbearers was 15 years old and the oldest was 72 years old.

Among them are Wenzhou shooting Olympic champion Zhu Qinan, "an excellent representative of Wenzhou's private economy" Nan Cunhui, "the first person in China's self-employed person" Zhang Huamei, Sun Lanxiang, president of the Hongriting Public Welfare Charity Association of "One Pavilion Warms One City", Zhang Wen, the mascot designer of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Qu Jia, the main pioneer and academic leader of China's optometry higher education, and Chen Yingying, the national 38 Red Flag bearer from the Dongtou Pioneer Women's Militia Company.

"I believe they will definitely pass on the strength and role model in tomorrow's torch relay, showing Wenzhou's urban style and spirit." Xu Yanhong, deputy director of the Office of the Torch Relay Working Group of the Wenzhou Games Sub-headquarters of the Hangzhou Asian Games, member of the party group and deputy director of the Wenzhou Sports Bureau, said at the press conference. (End)