Winged, fast, cheeky and extremely youthful players to sew the gap that opened in the confidence in Luis de la Fuente. Lamile Yamal and Nico Williams have been the breath of fresh air that the selection needed not only to straighten the road to the European Championship in Germany. If against Georgia they armed it to fatten a historic thrashing, the weak Cyprus had to be dismantled in three blows to force it to collect another bag of goals. "It has been a relief for everyone," acknowledged the coach unambiguously.

De la Fuente took the children out to recess this time at the beginning. Impossible not to hear how his talent asks for passage. There is no shortage of differential players in Spain and Williams, but above all Yamal, showed that they are. Nico during the 45 minutes before his injury, which hurt in Bilbao. They were enough for him to assist Gavi and Merino. "He has put me a candy," acknowledged the Basque.

Lamile had a handful more minutes. He played with the defense, dribbled even over the baseline and again showed that, although he lacks one more game so that Spain does not escape, they will not allow it. "He has those sparks of genius... What blocks others, they interpret normally. You have to protect and take care of him. Be prudent and be calm, "claimed the coach. Prudence also asked for another starter and scorer. "Sometimes we forget he's 16 because he lives in a man's world, but he's a boy. He has chutzpah, as much as humility and work. And with that he can go far," Mikel Merino ventured.

"We have a star," admitted Joselu, another protagonist of the night in Granada. The internationality came late but with a plus of productivity. Since that debut in March against Norway, in which he fell a double in 4 minutes and 15 seconds, two more have arrived, one served on a platter by his brother-in-law Carvajal. "We don't rehearse it at home, huh," he joked.

Ferran Torres also shouted, who joined at the last minute for this duel after three long absences. You try, you make mistakes, you get up with a tattoo on his back since this summer. And that did, get up. He came off the bench to take over from Yamal and scored two goals in ten minutes. No matter how much they shake him, the Valencian showed that he resists like the reed. Nor will he forget the match Álex Baena, who debuted and scored in 72 seconds the third fastest goal in the history of the national team.

Enough for De la Fuente to smile for the result, the two thrashings, and for his bet. Gone was the hazing of the eight changes against Scotland that led him to look for a more solid eleven. So much so that from Georgia to Grenada he only made three changes, due to injury. Yes, the rival was much inferior and ended up beaten, but if something works, better not to change. And less when you are still in the eye of the hurricane. "It's very difficult to get goals and we're happy to win with authority. Expectations have been more than met." In the murky environment, you may not be able to ask for more.