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The first thing Novak Djokovic did after seeing Daniil Medvedev's last right die in the net and consummate his twenty-fourth Grand Slam title at the US Open was to go and hug his six-year-old daughter Tara. Married to Jelena and parents also of Stefan, three years older, the man who opens his 390th week as number 1 in the world, displacing Carlos Alcaraz from that place, confessed later that in the most committed moments of the match he found inspiration thinking about the innocent smile of his daughter.

At 36 years old, with a fortune that exceeds only 175 million dollars in prize money and a career that is unparalleled, it is logical to wonder what he can still pursue after extending the advantage over Rafael Nadal to two greats, dilating his considerable distance as the tennis player who will hold the number 1 for the most weeks, add a total of 96 titles, be the only player to have won all the Masters 1000 ...

The list of records is extraordinary. After what was seen in the final against Medvedev, of the authority with which he won the first set, of the trade with which he managed to sustain himself to carry out the second, when he offered signs of vulnerability and fatigue, of the wide range of resources that he showed again until completing a triumph especially pleasant not only for its sporting significance but for the component of personal redemption after the blow of 2021 Against the same opponent, when looking to become the third man to win all four majors in the same season, Nole is more relevant than ever.

Tara and Stefan

Much was written after his loss to Alcaraz in the Wimbledon final about the end of an era. The truth is that the Serbian, who has finished seven courses as number 1, will manage to close for the fourth time a season with three of the big four in his pocket. Djokovic confesses that he wants his children to be aware of what is happening, as Roger Federer said when he won his seventh Wimbledon in 2017.

Beyond that logical and understandable feeling and the pure pleasure of competing, of being able to do it against much younger players, the Balkan could still round off his glossy track record. Next summer, in Paris, he has the possibility of fighting for the individual Olympic gold, which again resisted him in the Tokyo Games, where he came out badly after losing even the bronze to Pablo Carreño.

Having already clearly surpassed him in the conquest of Grand Slam titles, since the Swiss stayed at 20, Djokovic still has equal numbers with Federer in Wimbledon titles, seven, and the ATP Finals, six. This coming November he has the option to surpass him, after winning the tournament again seven years later in 2022. In 2023 he will return to the grass of the All England Club.

More global titles

Further away it is, and it is also of lower rank in his pretensions, to finish as the tennis player with the most global titles. This U.S. Open has been number 96. He is ahead of Federer, with 103 and Jimmy Connors, with 109. Behind them are Ivan Lendl, 94, and Rafa Nadal, 92. The selection of the calendar made by the most qualified tennis players, who sometimes even relegate the Masters 1000, to focus on the Grand Slam tournaments, distances the viability of meeting this challenge, although in the case of who it is you never know.

Djokovic also leads the list of Masters 1000, with 39 titles, three more than Nadal, the only player still active, waiting for his reappearance next season, which could now reach him. But it is back to the big ones where it is possible to find another of the capital stimuli to continue seeing him for a few more seasons, while he feels competitive, as he clarified again in the press conference after the final of the US Open.

At the moment, with only one more title, Margaret Court would break the tie and remain alone as the only person with 25 majors. More so. After staying one step away from achieving it, in that lost final in New York in 2021, which he entered defeated by anxiety, as he also recalled before the media in the Spanish morning of this Monday, can he still choose to emulate Donald Budge and Rod Laver lining up the big four in the same season, something that the Australian was the last to certify, doing it for the second time in 1969?

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