Austria, who extinguished Sweden's European Championship hopes at the start of the second half and won 3-1. SVT's expert Daniel Nannskog is critical of Sweden's second half.

"It's a good first half, it's just the goals that are missing there. Tactically, it's a good first half by Sweden. But in the second half you lose concentration and concede this 1-0 goal. It's too bad. Then there will be open landscapes as Sweden tries to go for the equalizer. The second half is very Hawaiian," he said.

"It's very clear"

Janne Andersson has an expiring contract, there are two collections left this autumn, is there any point in keeping him?

"It's if you don't have a replacement ready, if you have a replacement ready to take over from him in the European Championship qualifiers, I think you can act right now. It's perfect that the new manager gets a few games to record himself where a World Cup qualifier awaits, he says.

Sweden now has two straight missed playoffs and games in the Nations League C division. How is Swedish men's national team football doing?

"Swedish football is not doing well, it is very, very clear, there were good tendencies against Estonia but there was a very weak opposition.

Hear Daniel Nannskog's thoughts on Janne Andersson in the player above.