On September 12-17, the world's top 16 nations will compete in the Davis Cup playoffs. Just like last year, SVT broadcasts all of Sweden's group stage matches in the World Tennis Team Championship.

After the 3-1 victory in front of packed stands at home in the Royal Tennis Hall against Bosnia-Herzegovina in February, Sweden's men's national team plays the Davis Cup Finals for the third year in a row.

The World Final begins with group stages in four different European cities: Bologna, Manchester, Split and Valencia. Sweden plays in Bologna and will face Chile, last year's winner Canada and home nation Italy.

Leo Borg could debut

Swedish TV audiences can make history when DC hero Björn Borg's son Leo may well make his singles debut in the Davis Cup.

It will be either Leo Borg or Karl Friberg who will play next to the experienced Elias Ymer on the first single. Doubles specialists André Göransson and Filip Bergevi are also selected in the Swedish team.

Two of the biggest Swedish stars in recent years – Dragos Madaras and Mikael Ymer – are missing from the squad. Ymer has announced that he has quit and Madaras is suspended under investigation.

Each DC match is decided by two singles and one doubles. The top two nations in the three-team group advance to the quarterfinals. The final game will be held in Malaga on November 21-26.

SVT broadcasts all Sweden's matches on SVT Play.
Commentators are Johan Ejeborg and Magnus Gustafsson.

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Sweden ready for Davis Cup playoffs

Broadcast times

Tuesday 12 September Sweden-Chile 15:00-21:00 SVT Play

Thursday 14 September Sweden-Canada 15:00-21:00 SVT Play

Sunday 17 September Sweden-Italy 15:00-21:00 SVT Play

Should the matches last longer than 21:00, the broadcast will be extended on SVT Play.