Beijing, September 9 (Liu Xingchen) On the evening of the 5th, Beijing time, the final of the women's team of the 5 Pyeongchang Table Tennis Asian Championships came to an end. Facing the South Korean team playing at home, the Chinese team, played by Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng and Wang Yidi, defeated the opponent 2023:3 and won the championship.

After this successful victory, the Chinese women's team also successfully won the ticket to the women's team competition at the Paris Olympics.

In this match, Sun Yingsha took the lead against Shin Yubin. In the first game, after adapting to the rhythm of her opponent's serve, Sun Yingsha accelerated her ball holding speed and gradually gained the advantage, taking an 11:8 lead.

In the second game, Sun Yingsha stepped up her first three board offense, disrupted her opponent's serve, and won another game at 11:7. After that, Sun Yingsha, who was getting better, suppressed Shen Yubin on the score and won the third set 11:6 to help the Chinese team get the first point.

Image source: Screenshot of WTT website

In the second set, Chen Meng played against Tian Zhixi. At the beginning of the first game, Tian Zhixi got into the state faster to take a 4-1 lead. Chen Meng stepped up his forehand attack, scored four consecutive points to overtake the score, and won the first game 4:11.

In the second game, the two sides alternately led. Chen Meng took the initiative to attack the opponent's forehand after being pinned down from the far platform to receive the effect, and the next city was 11:6. In the third game, Chen Meng made many mistakes and lost to his opponent at 9:11. In the fourth game, Chen Meng did not give Tian Zhixi another chance and helped the Chinese team another point 11:6.

In the third set, Wang Yidi faced Liang Xiayin. In the first game, Wang Yidi made a dream start 6:0 and won easily 11:1. After that, the pace of the match was still controlled by Wang Yidi, who won two more sets to finish the match.

Looking back on the road to victory

The Asian Table Tennis Championships are held every two years, and the Chinese team started from the group stage because they did not participate in the previous competition.

In the group stage, the national table tennis women's team was in the same group as Malaysia and Chinese Taipei, and finally won the first place in the group.

Image source: Screenshot of WTT website

After advancing to the knockout rounds, China defeated Iran and Singapore with the same score of 3:0 to reach the final four. Chen Meng said in an interview: "In the knockout round, the team enters the state faster, and the pre-match preparation is more meticulous. ”

The picture shows the Chinese team and the Iranian team taking a group photo. Image source: WTT Weibo

In the semifinals, China welcomed its old rival Japan. Sun Yingsha, who played first, defeated Hina Hayata 3-0 to take the lead. After that, Chen Meng reversed Miyu Hirano after losing the first game. Chen Xingtong defeated Mimato Ito by a large margin, and the Chinese team successfully advanced to the final and eventually won the championship.

The strongest team plays

It is reported that this year's Pyeongchang Table Tennis Asian Championships launched a total of 7 events of men's team, women's team, men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles, resulting in a total of three Paris Olympic tickets for the men's team, women's team and mixed doubles.

For National Table Ping, locking the qualification for the Paris Olympics at the first time is undoubtedly the team's primary goal. To this end, the national table tennis women's team sent the strongest lineup of Sun Yingsha, Chen Meng, Wang Manyu, Wang Yidi and Chen Xingtong, which is also the winning lineup of the Chinese women's team at last year's Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships.

In the latest ITTF world rankings, the above five people also occupy the top five in the world.

Image source: Screenshot of WTT official website

In addition, because the Asian Championships are held close to the Hangzhou Asian Games, it is also regarded as a "preview event" before the Asian Games.

In order to better prepare for this competition, National Table Tennis conducted nearly 8 days of closed training and simulated warm-up matches at the National Table Tennis Training Base in Weihai Nanhai, Shandong in early August.

On August 8, the 23 Asian Championships of the Chinese National Table Tennis Team and the warm-up match of the Asian Games began in Weihai, Shandong. Photo by Wang Xiaogen

Li Feng, the head coach of the Chinese table tennis team, said that going to the Asian Championships after the warm-up competition is an ideal rhythm for the main players of national table tennis. At that time, he also talked about the goal of the national table tennis to participate in the Asian Championships and the Hangzhou Asian Games, "We want to strive to win, but the ultimate goal is next year's Paris Olympics." ”

On the evening of the 6th Beijing time, the men's team final of the Asian Table Tennis Championships will be held. Before that, the national table tennis men's team will face the South Korean team in the semifinals.

The last time China Table Tennis appeared in the Asian Table Tennis Championships was in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2019, when the Chinese team won all 7 events. (End)