"We didn't even imagine that this was possible"

The 2DROTS media team continues to make history. Last season, having made her debut in the Russian Cup, she went through only one round, and this season she knocked out three rivals from the fight. The head coach of Muscovites Dmitry Kuznetsov after the final whistle explained what is the secret of the success of his wards, and admitted that he allowed them to relax and have fun.

- What emotions did you experience when 2DROTS made it to the 1/32 finals? It seemed that they restrained themselves a little.

- This is the Cup of Russia. Not every team can participate in it, especially the media. We have received this right. Therefore, we must demonstrate 100% of our capabilities and prove that we have players who deserve more. We have been showing this for the third year.

- Then 2DROTS is guaranteed to meet with the team from the FNL. With what emotions do you expect this confrontation?

"We're going to fight. Should we refuse to take to the field? Of course not. We are going to prepare seriously. Let's impose a fight.

— Did you feel a special responsibility due to the fact that it was your team that was entrusted to take part in the historic confrontation at the dock?

- Of course, we felt it. The most important thing is that the choice fell on us, and we came to Belokamenka.

— Did you understand that 2DROTS could be preferred because of their media status?

"No, I don't. We had no idea what this could be. We calmly prepared for a trip to Kirov. And when they announced that we would play on a floating dock, although there is not even a field here, at first we did not understand what the trick was. But they realized it on the spot.

- Did this voyage have a negative impact on the preparation of the wards for the new season?

- Functionally, it did not affect in any way. We are working systematically, because we postponed one meeting - we were supposed to play on August 3. The next match will take place on the 10th in Nizhny Novgorod. It's hard only in the sense that I have to go somewhere again.

- Will the guys have enough emotionally for ordinary games after such victories?

"We're here and we know what to do. We understand how to relieve athletes, how to allow them to rest. They also know everything very well. Today I allowed them to walk, and tomorrow we will continue to work.

— Where else would you like to play the game?

"You have to sit down and invent something. I think we still need to pay attention to warmer places. In cold regions, grass simply will not take root. You have to play where there is little football and people are hungry for it. And we will gladly go anywhere.

  • Dmitry Kuznetsov on the victory of 2DROTS

"Approaching the dock, we were amazed at the size"

The chief referee Vitaly Meshkov was also impressed by Belokamenka, who was not afraid to award a penalty kick to 2DROTS at the end of the meeting. According to him, he and his colleagues were amazed at the size of the dock in which the meeting took place.

- What emotions remained from the match itself and its venue?

- We, as professionals, do not make discounts at the league level and do not divide teams into professional and amateur. For us, every match is part of the job, we always have to referee well. The flip side of the coin is the entourage. This meeting will be remembered for a lifetime by the team of referees, players and coaches. We came to a truly unique enterprise. I would like to thank the organizers.

- The first time you went down to the field on the day of the game?

- The day before, during the meeting, the inspector and the reserve referee were present here. We visited the dock just before the start of the match. But, approaching it, they were amazed at the size. A very large-scale, monumental structure! Most people just can't imagine that. And the masters who work here are great professionals. After all, this is a strategic object for our country. It's cool to see this with your own eyes!

- In your opinion, experiments like this help to popularize sports in the country?

- We already have a joke in the brigade that we will serve the next meeting at the Vostochny cosmodrome. With great pleasure! The only thing is that we would like more people to come to matches of this kind, although we understand that we are talking about a strategic, closed facility. But the interest in this event, of course, was huge.

- Did you boast to any of your relatives or colleagues that you were entrusted to serve this game?

- Of course, this is not an ordinary event. Probably, many people could envy me that there is an opportunity to visit Belokamenka and go out here on the field with a whistle. And my family is related to the Murmansk region. His wife lived in Pechenga for seven years and went to school there. This is still north of Belokamenka - about 120 km. In this regard, it was difficult to surprise her. But the memory of what happened will remain forever.

  • Vitaly Meshkov about the match that will be remembered for a lifetime

"It would be nice to hold the KHL Winter Classic here"

Denis Solovyov, Vice President of the RFU, as well as Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of NOVATEK, was very pleased with the implementation of the bold idea. At the same time, according to him, it was planned to hold a tournament in Belokamenka, but in the end they decided to focus on one fight.

- Given the effort spent, did you have any idea to play a few matches at the dock?

- Such an idea arose. Initially, they wanted to organize a whole festival. There were to be some meetings every day. But then we realized that the level of the official game is quite serious and requires a lot of preparation. Therefore, we decided to limit ourselves to one and concentrate on it. Still, it's hard to accept a large number of teams. Plus, to be honest, the urban infrastructure does not always withstand, for example, we cannot provide a number of rooms. Therefore, we understood: it is better to do it well once than to do it several mediocrely.

- Does the experience gained convince you that it is possible to follow the path of expansion?

- I think it is possible to organize even a tournament. That's just in two weeks they will build a platform here. But nothing prevents us from bringing this kind of competition to the regions. That's right.

- The teams of the Media League, playing in the Cup of Russia, attract great interest of fans. Is it possible to increase the quota for them in the tournament?

- This question should rather be addressed to the RFU. In my understanding, media football has its limits to growth. In order for the skill level of these guys to increase, they need to actually become professionals. Are they ready for this? As long as everything exists in this form. By the way, the phenomenon of media football exists not only in Russia. For example, in Spain, a similar league is headed by Gerard Piqué, and meetings gather full stadiums. I think we need to move forward. If the topic of increasing the quota comes up, it should be discussed. On the example of 2DROTS, we see: these teams can be competitive.

The RFU does not stand still in this regard. If the federation has a reason, it is ready to meet halfway and discuss. Even when we voiced the idea of holding a duel in Belokamenka, we understood: according to all the current rules, it would be difficult to do this. However, we made mutual efforts and got the result. And if there had been a conditional inert official in their place, it would have been more difficult.

— As a fan of what level of event would you like to see at the dock?

- It doesn't matter what I would like, because a plant will be built here. In two and a half years, when the construction of the facility is completed, options can be discussed. Taking into account the experience gained, it would be good to hold the KHL Winter Classic here, to fill the ice. But this is impossible, because according to the schedule, the dock is released only in the summer. Now we understand the difficulties that arise when organizing such events. By the way, we also had the idea of holding beach soccer here, after all, some kind of seashore. Perhaps next time we will pour sand here.

  • Solovyov about football on a floating dock

"I thought it couldn't be cooler than emotions"

Pyotr Oborin, CEO of NOVATEK-Murmansk, admitted to RT that he experienced incredible emotions from the organization of the match, comparable to the launch of the first platform from the dock. He also told what fate awaits the field laid at the facility, and explained why not all workers were able to attend the game.

— What do you feel a few seconds before the starting whistle?

- Extremely positive. Here is the center for the construction of large-capacity offshore structures. And after we sent the first platform, I thought there could be no cooler emotions. However, now a football field has been born here, and fans are rattling pipes and drums. I couldn't imagine such a thing.

- What did you feel when you first heard that this is even possible?

- It was one of the days when they were preparing to send the first platform for the NOVATEK project. We were discussing the production process and suddenly thought: we will have a dry dock. It holds six football fields! Why not bet one and play football? We liked this idea so much that it did not leave the walls of this site, but was implemented jointly with the RFU.

How long did you stay awake to bring everything to life?

- It takes a little time relative to our usual activities. Our colleagues from the RFU helped us a lot: they quickly found the field and brought an experienced contractor who organized everything in three days. Then it's a matter of technique: to assemble the stands and prepare all the supporting events. We did it in a week, no more.

- Is the fact that the Russian national team will come here in a few days even more inspiring?

- Of course, but NOVATEK and the government of the Murmansk region have signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of education, medicine and children's sports. On September 7, the national team will come to us with an open training session, children's and youth sports schools, football clubs will gather here and take part in the tournament. That's why we did all this. Popularization of football in such an unusual place as the Arctic. This shows that football can be played everywhere and at any age. The main thing is to love it, believe in it and implement ideas.

- There are rumors that the fate of the field has already been determined.

- Yes, indeed, we have purchased it and are going to transfer it to the government of the Murmansk region. This is done so that this sport can still develop in the non-football northern region. There are many youth teams and football fans. Those lucky ones to whom the government decides to give the lawn will be able to hold regional or even interregional competitions on it.

— Did you have an idea to talk to the KHL to arrange an outdoor hockey game?

"Next year we will send the second platform, and we will again have the opportunity to hold a game here, or maybe a whole tournament.

- Today, indulgences for all workers or only for those who are not on shift?

- Only for football fans and those employees who are on a vacationing shift. The plant continues to operate. Still, 17 thousand people work here - it is impossible to stop production.

  • Oborin about the incredible emotions from the match