For the first time in four years, the sumo yokozuna deliberation committee held a practice review with the general public, and Shin-ōzeki's Toyo Shoryu and others performed powerful sumo wrestling.

The Yokozuna Deliberation Committee's rehearsal review was held before the main venue held at the Kokugikan, but it was canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus, and it was held for the first time in three years before the venue this summer.

The rehearsal review held on the 3nd was open to the public for the first time in about four years since before the autumn Reiwa year, and a large number of fans packed in early in the morning.

Of these, Shin-Ozeki's Hoshoryu took the 14th sumo wrestling along with Kirishima and Kikagekatsu, also of Ozeki.

Hoshoryu took the fourth consecutive sumo match against Kirishima, and when Hoshoryu showed a sumo wrestling that he leaned on with a strong rush, Kirishima also reversed himself by leaving it at the edge of the ring, and the fans who came to the training were cheering and applauding.

Kirishima was No. 4, the most in makuuchi practice, and Kikagekatsu, who was closed the other day, was also adjusting smoothly with No. 17 sumo wrestling.

In addition, Yokozuna Terunofuji, who was suspended due to a hip injury the other day, did not take sumo wrestling, but he showed his chest to Kirishima in the collision practice.

The Grand Sumo Autumn Tournament will open on the 10th of this month at the Kokugikan in Ryogoku in Tokyo.