At the U.S. Open, one of the four major tennis tournaments, the women's doubles first round was held on the 1th, and the pair of Miyui Kato and Indonesian players won in straight sets with a set count of 30-1 to advance to the second round.

Kato's pair faced a pair of players from Russia and Belarus in the first round of the women's doubles at the US Open.

The match continued to hold on to each other in the first set, and in the 1th game, Kato's powerful shot made it possible to break and take a 1-6 lead.

In the second set, after a successful break in the second game, she continued to pull the momentum with her steady serve and aggressive attack, taking a 5-12 lead and winning the set count 7-5 in straight sets to advance to the second round.

In addition, three Japan teams participated in the first round of women's doubles, but the pair of Shuko Aoyama and Eina Shibahara, Makoto Ninomiya and the United States, and the pair of Eri Hozumi and Italy were all eliminated in the first round.

Men's Doubles Nishioka-McLachlan advance to second round

In the first round of the men's doubles, Yoshihito Nishioka and Tsutomu McLachlan faced a pair of Austrian players and won the set count 1-2 to advance to the second round.