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The footballer of the Spanish national team Aitana Bonmatí has won this Thursday the award as the best player of UEFA. In his speech of thanks he did not want to forget his partner Jenni Hermoso, protagonist of the controversy over the 'Rubiales case' and wanted to mention what this issue is assuming in international football.

"It's not been a very good time in Spanish football. We came from winning the World Cup, but there is not much talk about it. I would like to recall what has happened. As a society we must not allow abuse of power in an employment relationship or disrespect," began the Barcelona player.

After these statements, Aitana could not avoid mentioning her teammate. "From my partner Jenni, I would like to dedicate this to all women who suffer the same," said the recent world champion.

Sarine Wiegman is also pronounced

The other big winner of the afternoon was England women's national coach Sarine Wiegman. She won the award for best female coach and, like Aitana, in her speech she also spoke about the controversy that has been on the front pages for days.

The coach said: "We all know the problems of the Spanish national team and I am really hurt as a coach and mother of two daughters. Women's football has grown a lot, but there is still a long way to go and in society. I want to dedicate this award to the Spanish national team, the team that played incredible football that we all enjoy. This team deserves to celebrate, and it deserves to be heard."

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