Shenzhen, August 8 (Reporter Wang Jian) The Chinese women's national ice hockey team defeated the Netherlands 27-26 in the 2023 International Ice Federation Women's Ice Hockey World Championships (Division A A) on the evening of the 2th, winning five consecutive victories, winning the event with a complete victory and qualifying for the top group of the 1 Women's Ice Hockey World Championships.

The Chinese team competes at the Women's Ice Championships (Division A Group A). Photo courtesy of the organizing committee

In previous matches, China defeated Slovakia, Norway, Denmark and Austria.

That night, the match between the Chinese team and the Dutch team was very intense. In the first quarter, the Chinese team took the lead in opening the situation, No. 23 player Fang Xin cleverly returned the pass, and No. 9 player Kong Ming would receive the ball and score to score the first point of the game.

But in the second quarter, the Netherlands equalized by playing more and less to maintain a 1-1 draw.

In the crucial third quarter, China broke the tie again, and No. 17 Kang Mulan scored to give China a 2-1 lead over the Netherlands and eventually win the game with this scoreline.

In addition, in the other matches of the day in Group A, Austria beat Slovakia 2-1 and Denmark beat Norway 4-1.

The 2023 IEDI Women's Ice Hockey World Championship (Division A A) was held in Shenzhen from 20 to 26 December, with the participation of six women's ice hockey national teams from China, Denmark, Norway, Slovakia, Austria and the Netherlands. (End)