The Japan National Team, who will participate in the Under-9 Baseball World Cup in Taiwan in September, played a practice match against Waseda University and won 18-2.

The Japan National Team, who were selected from the players who participated in this year's spring/summer Koshien, played a practice match against Waseda University at a ground in Tokyo ahead of the World Cup in Taiwan in September.

The game was played under special rules until the seventh inning Japan, and in the first inning, with one out and two outs, Osaka's No. 18 Daisho Morita, who hit two home runs in the summer Koshien, hit a sacrifice fly to Wright to score one run.

After that, the game was tied, but back-to-back hits in the seventh inning created a chance, and the ace of Kasumigaura High School in Ibaraki came back to win the game during the second run of Yuto Kimura, who started in the eighth right on the 9th.

In terms of pitching, Tokushima Commercial pitcher Makoto Mori, who pitched well at Koshien in the summer, started and held two scoreless innings with a strikeout with a sharp changeup.

After that, the team started to pitch in succession, and in the seventh inning, Osaka Toin High School pitcher Yugo Maeda, a good pitcher who is attracting professional attention, came on and gave up one dead ball, but did not allow a hit based on a powerful straight and scoreless.

Manager Shiro Mabuchi said, "The batters connected well, and it was good that the pitching staff was conscious of throwing early counts in short innings. As for the challenge, we didn't get one shot in the right situation, so we want to make the team able to hit in tough situations."

Mori, who started the pitcher, said, "It was good that we kept the game scoreless, but there were times when we were ahead of the ball, so we will keep our throws thinking carefully about the number of pitches."