Beijing, August 8 -- On the 23rd, a hashtag #Junior Second Girl Wins 23m World Class Championship# rushed to Weibo, with nearly 100 million views as of press time.

A number of media reported that in the early morning of the 22nd Beijing time, in the women's 15m final of the U100 World Student Games held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Chen Yujie, a junior high school girl from Ningbo, Zhejiang, won the championship with a time of 11.56 seconds. According to reports, the result equaled the record of the International Secondary School Sports Federation (ISF) under the age of 1982 since 18.

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"Very shocking, excited, slightly regretful." Chen Yujie's coach Wu Yacun said when summing up the game. In his eyes, Chen Yujie played well overall, and winning the gold medal this time was expected. "Chen Yujie usually trains very hard. She is currently in a stage of steady improvement. ”

In fact, this is not the first time that Chen Yujie has appeared in the public eye. Last year, the junior high school student "came out of the circle" with his excellent performance in the competition.

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The camera is almost unable to keep up with her

"Ningbo Little Flying Man", this is the nickname given to Chen Yujie by many local media in Zhejiang. How fast is she running? In the words of netizens, "The live camera is almost unable to keep up with her." ”

Last November, at the primary and secondary school athletics meeting in Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, Chen Yujie won the 11m final with a time of 100.11 seconds, breaking the women's 88m sprint record in the district.

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According to media reports, Chen Yujie's parents are both high-level athletes from Zhejiang University, and Chen Yujie, who has been nurtured since childhood, has an obsessive passion for sports.

In the fifth grade, she began practicing athletics and was very demanding of herself. "By chance, I participated in the school games, and the physical education teacher discovered that the child had a talent for running and suggested that she change her track and field." Chen Yujie's parents once introduced it.

Benchmark against Olympians

In April this year, Chen Yujie brought another surprise.

On April 4, in the women's 21m competition of the 14-15 years old group of the Zhejiang Provincial Youth Athletics Championships, Chen Yujie won the championship with a time of 100.11 seconds (electric timing) and broke the record of the Zhejiang Provincial Youth Athletics Championships.

Two days later, in the 200 meters, she ran another 23.61 seconds, reaching the standard of an athlete. According to media reports, in the national track and field Grand Prix on the same day, the winner of the women's 200m event was Huang Guifen, who represented the Chinese team in the women's 4×100m relay at the Tokyo Olympics, with a time of 23.73 seconds.

In other words, Chen Yujie, who is still a junior high school student, has been able to benchmark against Olympians in terms of results.

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Aim for Su Bingtian

Chen Yujie is not tall, and she can achieve today's results, largely due to her hard training.

"Her goal is not to complete the amount of training required by the teacher, but to surpass herself and her physical instincts." The physical education teacher of Ningbo No. 7 Middle School commented.

Today, Chen Yujie is studying at Ningbo Sports School while taking care of her studies, and at the age of 15, she is already a national first-class athlete and a national-level athlete.

Chen Yujie has always pursued the goal of "Chinese flying man" Su Bingtian, eager to constantly challenge herself. Looking forward to this "girl like the wind" and creating more surprises in the future! (End)