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Former First Division referee Xavier Estrada Fernández has filed a complaint with the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) against its president, Luis Rubiales, for the episodes starring during the final of the Women's World Cup.

Who was for twelve years professional referee requests that the protocol of action on sexual violence against Rubiales be initiated alluding to his "inadmissible and embarrassing forced kiss" to the player Jennifer Hermoso.

Estrada recalls that the aforementioned protocol against Sexual Violence approved in June of this year is in force, which establishes that "sexual violence is a form of serious violation of fundamental rights" and violates "dignity, physical and moral integrity and sexual freedom."

This former referee, who left football to devote himself to politics in the lists of Esquerra Republicana de Cataluña (ERC), also calls for the resignation of the president of the RFEF and stresses that he does so, as when deciding to denounce the 'Negreira case', for his "determined will to defend the sporting integrity of football in all its areas and manifestations".

This is the second complaint against Rubiales in the last 24 hours. The first was that of Miguel Galán, president of the National School of Football Coaches in Spain (CENAFE), before the Higher Sports Council (CSD). "This is an intolerable sexist act of sport. It is therefore up to the Higher Sports Council to transfer my complaint to the Administrative Court of Sport to initiate a file to investigate the scope of the act regulated by the new sports law, "said the president of CENAFE in the complaint. Galán recalled that Ángel María Villar was already dismissed after performing the same procedure.

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