• Chronicle Spain is proclaimed world champion with a left-hander that knocks down all the walls
  • Twelve months From the mutiny of 'The 15' against Vilda to the World Cup: a broken selection, the return of 6 'rebels' and a trip to glory
  • From Olga's dedication to Jenni's tears: "We are champions of the fucking world"
  • Awards Spain dominates in the awards: Aitana, MVP of the tournament; Olga, best player of the match...

One of the images that has left the celebration of the victory of the women's soccer team in the World Cup has been the kiss of Luis Rubiales, president of the Federation, to Jenni Hermoso, forward of the national team. In the collection of the medals of champions, the head of Spanish football was euphoric with the players, so much so that he ended up kissing the Pachuca attacker on the mouth.

"But what do I do? Hey, I didn't like it," Hermoso said in the locker room, in words broadcast live on Instagram. The president has come down to greet the staff to the dressing room and has invited them to a trip to Ibiza "to the wedding of Jenni and Luis".

On the victory, Rubiales has assured that "we have worked very hard and that some did not want to leave us". And he left a message: "You have to let people do their job and that small percentage of people with resentment must learn that you have to let work and that you cannot talk without knowledge."

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