Stéphane Burgatt (in Marseille) / Photo credit: Nicolas TUCAT / AFP 11:33 am, August 15, 2023

After their defeat in the preliminary round first leg of the Champions League against the Athenians of Panathinaikos, Marseille has no choice but to win tonight to be able to continue the European adventure. In the streets of the Phocaean city, supporters are divided in front of Tuesday night's match but want to believe it.

It is a decisive match for Olympique de Marseille this Tuesday night. After their defeat against the Greeks of Panathinaikos in the preliminary round of the first leg of the Champions League, the Marseillais have no choice but to win this return match. To achieve this, they will be able to count on a packed Velodrome stadium.

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Optimism and doubt

In the Phocaean city, supporters are divided. On the one hand, the optimists, who see OM going much further in this competition. "I see them going to the quarter-finals of the Champions League. In addition, the Pope will come to Marseille in mid-September. And he will bless us and bless OM, "says a Marseillais.

Others have more doubts: "I'm afraid," says a supporter at the microphone of Europe 1. "Tonight, I will go to the Good Mother, to pray to support them," said another. On the optimistic side, the narrow championship victory last weekend is enough to rekindle the flame. "We can do a remontada I think. When we are at home in addition, there is more atmosphere, it will do it better I think, "says the blue microphone a young supporter. "We eat them, that's for sure! I am not afraid. I think they are the ones who should be afraid, given the level of play they have."

A small goal to make up for

But Marseille was not famous either in the first leg, against the Greeks. And it does not escape some: "OM remains running. It's clear that the team is not ready yet. At the level of the game, it seems limited, "says a Marseillais. "It's normal with the changes that have taken place. It's a work in progress and it's true that it's too early this game somewhere. But we have no choice. They will have to give it their all," replied another supporter.

And against the Greeks of Panathinaikos, OM finally has only one goal to make up and will be able to count on a boiling Velodrome for a sold-out match.