Morata misses a clear chance after a combination move by Atletico, Morata does not connect an easy header after a good cross from Carrasco, Morata steals a ball from Ferreira, goalkeeper of Granada, and causes a penalty, Morata grabs a center of the head and the expulsion is played. Morata's offside and, still, failure in the one-on-one against the goalkeeper. Yellow for Morata for finishing with his hand a center. Morata, ahead, takes advantage of a rejection of Vallejo and scores the first goal of Atletico. Morata, Morata, Morata...

Oscar Wilde said that "it is better that they speak badly of you than that they do not speak" and that must apply Diego Simeone to the ownership of the Madrid striker. And it fails a lot, but it is in everything for better or for worse. And that, the Cholo convinces him ahead of Memphis ... For now. At the moment, he has already given 60 minutes to one and 40 to the other. Although both have scored in their debut. The one in Memphis, by the way, and his shot from 30 meters, will be one of the goals of the season.

We say for now because Atlético de Madrid played a lot and well against Granada in their league start at the Cívitas Metropolitano. Match, by the way, in which a debutant in the rojiblanco team, César Azpilicueta, fulfilled his 100th match in the league champion. And both Azpilicueta, who surprised with two very dangerous boarding schools, and Simeone's team, deserved more. At least, they took the three points.

The first half between both teams was even, but the chances were put by Atlético and, except for a centerchut of Llorente, all had the name of Álvaro Morata inscribed. Finally, when the first half died, the Spaniard was right and Simeone breathed easy. Because there were many fusses to the Argentine coach before one of the failures of his starting nine.

A joy at the end of the first half for a sadness at the beginning. As soon as the clock ticked the 6th minute of play when Koke, the captain and the only pure midfielder of Atlético asked for the change. A huge setback for a team that has been looking for a replacement for the athletic captain all preseason and that, to this day, still resists him. Another singer, Pablo Barrios, came out in his place. There is no other option for Cholo.

Another name of the beginning of the season of Atlético was that of Yannick Carrasco. It was speculated with his departure at the beginning of summer and losing it would be a disgrace for the show in the mattress parish. A pipe of pisadita and a one two in a corner to leave of two defenders are of the plays that are worth the price of the entrance.

However, Griezmann, the player who created the most dangerous plays last season with 126, did not finish meeting in the game or it was his teammates who did not find him.

Worthy rival

The champion of Segunda, on the other hand, was a great rival in the Metropolitano. Iron in the first part and more aggressive in the second, mainly clinging to his homegrown Samu, who was fajaba and won many duels against the athletic defense. Paco López did well to trust a kid, who had shown great qualities in preseason. And the young man restored his confidence with the momentary equalizer in the 63rd after a failure in exit of the ball and almost scored the second if Savic's shoulder did not prevent it.

However, it was Atlético who struck for the third time at the end of a very long discount, like all those of this first day of the league. Llorente took advantage of a mistake in the exit of the Granada defense and made the third. Atlético fulfilled the statistics and beat a Granada with which it has not lost in the last 19 duels.

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