Beijing, 8 Aug (Zhongxin Net) -- When the Universiade comes to Sichuan, the giant panda, as a "local," will naturally not be absent. From the opening ceremony to the venue, from food, clothing, housing and transportation to visiting and checking in, the giant panda element filled every corner of the Chengdu Universiade.

On July 7, the night sky of Dong'an Lake was lit up with brilliant fireworks, and at the opening ceremony of the Chengdu Universiade, the elements of the opening ceremony full of Chinese cultural characteristics left a deep impression on people, including giant pandas.

Luo Ying, director of the opening ceremony of the Chengdu Universiade and former choreographer of the Battle Banner Cultural Troupe of the Chengdu Military Region, said that the theme of the opening ceremony of the Chengdu Universiade is "Achieving Dreams", and the pacesetter dance is mainly based on vitality and youth, and this set of movements incorporates animal elements such as giant pandas and small fish.

Video: [Chengdu Universiade] Look at the "conspicuous bag" at the opening ceremony of the Universiade Rong Bao Source: China News Network

If such "integrated" panda elements are not obvious enough, then there should be no one who does not remember the "Rong Bao" who was "conspicuous" to grab the camera in the athlete's entrance link.

At the opening ceremony, the mascot "Rong Bao" jumped, circled and heart-to-heart, cute, countless fans overnight, "fire out of the circle", was ridiculed by netizens as the biggest "conspicuous bag" of the night's performance. In addition, in the cultural performance link, the Sichuan opera face-changing performance even conjured a "giant panda face", which made Chinese and foreign audiences quite amazed.

As the mascot of the Chengdu Universiade, "Rongbao" was designed after the giant panda "Sesame". Since the start of the Universiade, "Rongbao" has been very popular, and its popularity has risen sharply.

On August 8, during the Chengdu Universiade, the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base became a popular check-in point for the participating delegations, and the picture shows Hungarian athlete Fanny (right) shopping for giant panda dolls. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhao Wenyu

"I participated in three Universiades and this giant panda is the cutest mascot I have ever seen!" Recently, in the official licensed merchandise store of the Chengdu Universiade in the main media center of the Chengdu Universiade, Malaysian table tennis referee Wang Luanfang held a large number of "Rongbao" file bags and pendants and joined the "army of payers" outside the cash register.

An international technical official from France said that in the past few days, he has received many requests from relatives and friends to help buy "Rongbao" peripherals: "What I like about this store is mainly the products, there are beautiful smart watches, there are giant pandas (cultural and creative products). When you open (feel) that they are welcoming you, the pandas 'do' a lot of action and the store looks good. ”

Chengdu has launched 18 series of thousands of "Rongbao" products. Despite this, major stores are often "hard to find".

"Actually, on the first day I came (to Chengdu), I already bought (Rongbao) and bought about 20 (Rongbao). I bought a blind box and then prepared some for my friends as well. Because the (big) panda is also a national treasure of China, and then (Rongbao) looks very (cute), everyone must like it. Chinese athlete Huang Bowen, who won the gold medal in the men's double 3m springboard, said when he and his teammates "made a big purchase".

Video: [Chengdu Universiade] Universiade delegation members realize the "giant panda dream" "close contact" with the prototype of "Rongbao" Source: China News Network

Coming to Chengdu, the "ambition" of college athletes naturally does not stop at giant panda dolls.

On the morning of August 8st, the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base welcomed a group of special tourists, who were members of the Chengdu Universiade delegation from various countries and regions around the world.

Coming to Sichuan, the hometown of giant pandas, almost every participant listed "to see the giant pandas" as a must for their trip to the Chengdu Universiade. When they saw the long-awaited giant pandas, the members of the delegation could not contain their excitement. Most of them came face to face with pandas for the first time.

"I love every giant panda!" Hungarian fencer Peter had only seen pandas in pictures, and he was thrilled to see them. He said that the most impressive was the giant panda "Xilan", "lying on the tree and sleeping is so cute".

"I'm finally here." Hungarian athlete Fanny, who won two consecutive gold medals in rhythmic gymnastics at the Chengdu Universiade, said that the trip fulfilled her "giant panda dream". When Fanny was a child, her father, who worked in China, always mentioned giant pandas in letters, so giant pandas became Fanny's favorite animal.

After fulfilling their wish to see the giant pandas in person, the delegation members also lined up at the panda souvenir shop inside the panda base, where they purchased their favorite giant panda souvenirs and prepared to bring this unique Chinese gift to family and friends.

In addition, in Chengdu, giant pandas will "haunt" anywhere.

On July 7, a netizen posted a "giant panda car", all kinds of giant panda hanging accessories in the car, not only there are giant panda dolls in the back seat, but also giant panda stickers in the seat backrest can be obtained for free. The driver introduced: "It is the (big) panda prepared for the Universiade, and Chengdu is the hometown of the (big) panda, and to do publicity for the Universiade is to speak for your hometown." ”

On the streets of Chengdu, not only "Rongbao" can be seen everywhere, but even shared bicycles have been "bearized". During the Universiade, "Rongbao" bicycles "went to work" in Universiade Village. These bicycles are all dressed with "Rong Bao" elements, the basket and wheels are printed with the "Rong Bao" pattern, and the tail of the bicycle is even decorated with a small (large) panda tail.

On social media, a foreign guy who has just come out of a licensed shop is still showing his "loot" one second, and the next second, he is attracted by the "Rongbao" shared bicycle. “Panda Bike!” , he couldn't put down the "Rong Bao" bicycle, and even carried the bicycle on his shoulder with the "loot".

In the Universiade Village, the new energy shuttle bus specially added exclusive colors to the Universiade. From the exterior, these vehicles adopt a design style that integrates modern technology and ancient Shu culture, including the fashionable "Mengdudu" giant panda shape.

Naturally, the "participation" of giant pandas is indispensable in the arena.

The official sports icon of the Chengdu Universiade, "Eighteen Mobao", is a giant panda sports icon created based on the giant panda "Qiyi", representing 18 Chengdu Universiade competitions such as gymnastics, swimming and badminton.

Chengdu Universiade official sports icon.

In addition, after the competition of the Chengdu Universiade, each winning athlete will be presented with a giant panda doll of Sichuan Opera.

As one of the most watched star athletes in this Universiade, Zhang Yufei's appearance was also accompanied by the giant panda element.

After the World Championships, Zhang Yufei and his party flew back to Beijing from Japan non-stop, and then immediately transferred to Chengdu. It is worth mentioning that when Zhang Yufei and Qin Haiyang left the station, they both had giant panda pendants on their chests.

Subsequently, after appearing at the Universiade on August 8, Zhang Yufei revealed two wishes for this trip to Chengdu, one is to eat hot pot, and the other is to see giant pandas.

Video: [Chengdu Universiade] Zhang Yufei wore a giant panda swimming cap and appeared in the Universiade: I want to get close to "Huahua" Source: China News Network

Not only that, she also "brought" the giant pandas to the arena. After completing the preliminary competition of the women's 1m butterfly on the morning of the 50st, Zhang Yufei said: "I will change a swimsuit for the evening competition, which is my favorite one. As you can see, the swimsuit is designed with the giant panda 'flower' as the element. In the competition, Zhang Yufei not only has a "huahua" swimsuit, but also her panda element swimming cap is as eye-catching as her results.

Liu Wei, President of Tianfu International Sports Events Research Institute of Chengdu Institute of Physical Education and President of Sichuan Sports Industry, University and Research Promotion Association, said that giant pandas are Chinese national treasures with the meaning of peace, unity and friendship. Behind the giant panda IP's "embrace the world", it reflects the improvement of China's cultural and creative capabilities, and also reflects the world's love for Chinese culture. (End)