There were only five stages in the Tour de France for Jenny Rissveds. She broke because she felt it was tearing too much at her body. But there should be no danger.

"I'm fine. But I'm very tired. I look forward to coming home. I'll fly home tomorrow. Then I'll just take it easy and it will be part of the preparations for the World Cup. I wanted to make sure that I would be able to recover to it," she told SVT Sport.

After all, being with only a few stages of the tour is something that Jenny Rissveds believes will be useful.

"I've gained a lot of experiences, and new experiences. It was one of the first road races I've driven. So I bring a lot of positive and new experiences. Then it was part of the plan to run these races and then take it easy before the World Cup to have a good form there. I still believe in that. Physically, it has given me positive effects.

Rissveds has previously been away due to depression, and is clear that this exhaustion is a completely different thing.

"I don't think we should draw analogies to that period in my life. This is more about me being physically worn out because I've strained my body in a way that my body isn't used to. Physically, it has become a lot in a short time. But it's also because I've gone through periods that have been heavier in life that I know when to brake.