Sprint on Dvortsovaya

Russian skiers continue to actively prepare for the winter season. In July, athletes not only conduct training camps, but also participate in various roller ski competitions. One of the first was the show race on Palace Square in St. Petersburg, which has a long history and was held for the 15th time. Many leading athletes, including Olympic champion Sergei Ustyugov and rising star Savely Korostelev, took to the start in the heart of the Northern capital.

They had to overcome three laps of 600 m. the Victory among men unexpectedly went to St. Petersburg Andrey Krasnov, who in the finish line ahead of Ustyugov. Third place went to Sergey Volkov.

Ustyugov, despite the failure, was pleased with his performance.

"The format of the races is great, but I talked to the guys who participated in the sprint elimination races here, they say that this format was more interesting. It's been a long time since I've participated in a sprint competition, so it's hard for me to say how hard and interesting it was. I arrived here only at night, so I'm just happy with my athletic form and the fact that it turned out to run so well, "the Championship quotes the athlete.

Korostelev, who failed to make it to the decisive race, also assessed his result positively.

"I am satisfied. Made it to the semifinals. There are a lot of strong guys, especially roller skis - not skis, it's a little different. And another role is played by the fact that we are now in the preparatory period and we are not led to the starts, that is, everything is on volumes (under heavy loads. - RT), "the 19-year-old athlete explained.

In turn, Victoria Lukashova celebrated the victory among the girls, ahead of Ekaterina Kipyatkova and Ekaterina Bulycheva.

Training camp in Belarus

Meanwhile, the group of Yegor Sorin, which Korostelev joined this offseason, is holding a training camp in Raubichi. Together with the team, Yulia Stupak, who missed most of last season for personal reasons, also went to Belarus. According to the coach, the athlete trains in the general group, but with minor adjustments. She, like most of her colleagues, plans to take part in the Karelia Cup in early August. Only Tatyana Sorina, who has just started individual training after the birth of a child, will not start in Petrozavodsk.

During the training camp, the athletes paid special attention to the lifting technique. As Sorin noted, the correct passage of such sections of the track helps to conserve energy during competitions.

"Imitation of lifting is a complex coordination exercise, and few can perform it correctly. But we are trying," Sorin wrote on the group's official Telegram channel under the corresponding video.

And even servicer Viktor Churkin goes to running training with athletes. According to Sorin, most of the skiers in the group were not yet born when the specialist began working in the national team.

"Daily training and a healthy lifestyle allow him to work on an equal footing with younger colleagues," the coach said.

And for recovery after exhausting classes in Raubichi there is a cryosauna, which athletes use with pleasure. The air temperature in it ranges from -76 to -80 ° C, and you can stay in the cabin for no longer than three minutes.

Festival in Malinovka

Yuriy Borodavko's group prefers to hold training camps in Malinovka. The athletes completed the next cycle with control trainings, which were not inferior to real competitions in terms of intensity and level of organization. Not only athletes of the national team, but also everyone could take part in them. It is noteworthy that the distance of the classic mass start was 30 km for both women and men, because, as you know, FIS approved this format. The race was won by Natalia Nepryaeva and Alexander Bolshunov.

"We are no less delighted than the children. For control training, this is a very cool organization. I am glad that such a festival was made for us. I managed to give out emotions and speeds close to racing. I think that everything went at the highest level," the Olympic champion shared her impressions.

Bolshunov, in turn, stressed that he is gradually reaching the speed that will need to be demonstrated during the season.

"I went through a difficult training camp, but now I don't need to feel good. These competitions show that even under load you can show results and win races, "said the titled skier.

In the sprint, the three-time Olympic champion lost to Alexander Terentyev and took only second place, and at a distance of 15 km freestyle he completely closed the top ten. The victory was celebrated by Artem Maltsev.

Borodavko noted that, in general, the training camp went well, despite the minor roughness of some athletes. Nevertheless, everyone fulfilled the planned program.

"Everyone worked under a heavy load. And it was necessary to compete, because only during the competition can you reach the near-limit functionality. The guys coped with it. Someone looked a little fresher, someone less. Still, someone has a slightly higher load. But everyone worked well enough and ran three starts, three days in a row. It's worth a lot. Especially for such long distances," the coach concluded.

Competition for Nepryaeva

Natalia Nepryaeva won all three control races in Malinovka, which, oddly enough, was a cause for concern for the president of the Russian Ski Federation Elena Vyalbe. In her opinion, the Olympic champion has no competitors in the country, and today it is not possible to invite skiers of a comparable level to domestic competitions.

"Last year, she could have reached the maximum in competitions. We will see how the athletes will treat this (the absence of foreign competitors). If you can show the maximum, then you don't necessarily need foreign athletes," said the head of the FLGR.

According to the mentor of the Olympic champion Yuri Borodavko, the leader has competition, but only in certain disciplines, in particular, in the sprint and "cutting".

"Of course, I wanted there to be athletes of a higher level who could make Natalia work 100%. I repeat, it happens at some distances, but if we take it as a whole, the girls do not reach the level of Nepryaeva, "the specialist emphasized.

TV commentator Dmitry Guberniev, in turn, noted that Vyalbe's words should spur domestic athletes to work harder and compete with the winner of the overall World Cup standings in the 2021/22 season.

"These are great words for motivation. I can only support Elena Valerievna in trying to cheer up other skiers, starting with Stepanova, so that Nepryaeva no longer feels like a lonely leader. We need competition," Match TV quoted the journalist as saying.

Stepanova, in turn, reacted to Guberniev's words. She stated that she did not need such methods of motivation.

"Dima, I don't need to be "excited" and "cheered up", it doesn't work with me. Winter will come - everything and everyone will be put in their places," Stepanova wrote in her Telegram channel.

Talk about changing citizenship

After the State Duma developed a bill on the payment of financial compensation by athletes when changing sports citizenship, the transition to the flags of other states was again actively discussed at various levels. Elena Vyalbe did not ignore this topic, who stressed that her position, repeatedly expressed earlier, has not changed.

"If this is a member of the Russian national team, then I will not give such consent. As for the children, if the parents left, then what now?" — quotes Vyalbe TASS.

The approach of the head and coach of the national team Yuriy Borodavko supported. First of all, he assured that no one in the ranks of the national team even had thoughts about changing sports citizenship.

"And those people who take such a step should understand what follows. The Olympic Games are not the whole of life, but only two weeks of it. And life is very long. Therefore, those wishing to change citizenship should be aware of what they are doing," the specialist said.

The International Ski Federation plans to discuss the possibility of admitting Russians and Belarusians to international competitions at a meeting in September. However, Vyalbe said that she is not interested in these discussions, since she does not expect any positive decisions. Also, the head of the FLGR admitted that she does not believe in the full admission of Russians to the Olympic Games, and is not ready to agree to the IOC's conditions.

"Everyone knows my position: without the flag and anthem of Russia, we will not take part in international competitions," the three-time Olympic champion emphasized.