The candidates for the Japan national team for the breaking, which will be held as a new sport for next year's Paris Olympics, will hold a training camp in the area one year before the tournament and investigate the competition environment at the actual venue. We would like to investigate the effects of local heat on athletes, share information with other sports organizations, and use it to adjust athletes' conditions and develop strategies.

Breaking Sports, the only new of the 32 sports to be held at the Paris Olympics, will be held at Place de la Concorde in central Paris, along with skateboarding and other events.

According to the Japan Dance Sports Federation, many international breakin competitions that involve one-on-one competition and incorporate many spinning techniques are held indoors, but at the Olympics, they decided to conduct a survey to see how the competition would be affected because it will be an outdoor venue with a roof.

Specifically, about 1 candidate players will hold a training camp near the venue from 1 to 1 next month, exactly one year before the competition schedule.

In France, which is at a higher latitude than Japan, it has been pointed out that the heat peaks around 7 p.m. when the breaking competition begins, and the training camp is held outdoors at the same time to investigate how the local temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions affect dance performances.

In addition, after collecting data such as the fatigue level of athletes, the Japan Dance Sports Federation hopes to share the results of the survey with urban sports organizations held at the same Place de la Concorde and use them to adjust the condition of Japan athletes and develop strategies.