The sumo tournament in Nagoya will be held on the 11th and 19th to the final round. Maegashira leader Nishikiki beat Endo in the flat curtain and was the only one to defend one defeat and stand alone in the lead.

At the end of the 10th day, the Nagoya venue was tied for the top spot with one loss, with two hiramatsu of Nishikiki and Kitakatsu Fuji, followed by two sekiwaki of Toyo Shoryu and Daieisho and Endo of Hiramatsu with two losses.

On the 1th day, on the 2th, the 2-year-old Nishikiki faced Endo, who was in the same grade, and after a stand-up, he leaned in on the left side to win the match to win 2-11.

Nishikiki won in the makuuchi for the first time in about five years since the fall of Heisei 19 and put the star in double digits.

Kitakatsufuji, on the other hand, faced Sekiwaki Wakamotoharu, who had three losses to challenge for Ozeki promotion, and was stopped by the left four, which is his opponent's specialty, and fell back to two losses.

In addition, of the two sekiwaki with two losses, Daieisho faced Kirishima of Shin-Ozeki, who had lost the past 32 wins and 10 losses, in the first round.

Daieisho applied pressure with his strong push, but he could not attack, and in the end, he was knocked out and suffered his third defeat, and could not improve his victory for promotion to Ozeki.

Feng Shenglong won by pushout against the Jade Eagle of the Flat Curtain and defended his two losses.

As a result, the Nagoya venue ended the 1th day, with Nishikiki taking the sole lead with one loss, followed by two losses, Toyoshoryu and Kitakatsu Fuji.

Win or loss after going inside

▽ Ryūden to Daxiangpeng, Ryuden to "lean in" ▽ Chiyo Shoma to Warisho Mountain, Warlord Mountain "Push out" ▽ Hekiyama to Kensho, Hekiyama "Hatakin"

Kensho is defeated.

▽ Koto Katsuho on Mt. Kinpu, Koto Katsuho "withdrawn" ▽ Koto Emitsu in the sea of Sada Koto Emitsu "scoop throw" ▽ New inductee Bo Ohpeng beats Takayasu, who has Ozeki experience, by "sending out"

and wins.

▽ North Qingpeng to Myogiryu, North Qingpeng "lean in"

▽ Abu Saki to Gonoyama, Abu Saki won by "scoop throw".

▽ Takashi's victory in the Hirado Sea was "pushed out" by Takashi's victory,
and the Hirado Sea was defeated.

▽ Nishikifuji ni Ura, Ura "leans in" ▽ Suifuji ni Wang Peng does, Wang Peng "pushes out"

Suifuji is a loser.

▽ Ontake Kai in Shodai, Shoyo "leaning off" ▽ Akio ni shomonkey, shomonkey "hatakiri" ▽ Nishikiki ni endo defended one defeat with Nishikiki "

leaning in".
Endo is a setback to three losses.

▽ Takarafuji ni Aflame, Takarafuji "Shoved" ▽ Kotonowaka ni Shonan Nokai, Kotonowaka "leaned off" ▽ Hoshoryu ni Jade Eagle, Hoshoryu "Push"

and scored his ninth win.

▽ Kitakatsu Fuji and Wakamotoharu decided to win by "close cut".
Kitakatsu Fuji fell back to two losses.

▽ Daieisho ni Shin Ozeki Kirishima was "hit"
by Kirishima and Daieisho lost 1.