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Tennis player Alexander Zverev


Tennis player Alexander Zverev is once again confronted with allegations of violence. As a spokeswoman for the Berlin criminal courts confirmed to SPIEGEL, the Berlin public prosecutor's office applied to the Tiergarten District Court on July 7 for the issuance of a penalty order against the 2021 Olympic champion. The reason for this is the suspicion of bodily injury.

A penalty order is a procedure with which fines and imprisonment of up to one year on probation can be imposed without a main trial. If the court issues the penalty order, Zverev could file an objection within two weeks, otherwise it will become final.

The criminal courts did not provide any information about the alleged victim or the sentence. Apparently, however, it is Zverev's former partner Brenda Patea, with whom the 26-year-old has a daughter. Patea's management confirmed the proceedings against Zverev in an "RTL" report.

Second ex-girlfriend making accusations

As early as November 2020, allegations were made against Zverev due to alleged domestic violence. At that time, Zverev's ex-girlfriend Olga Sharipova first turned to the tennis magazine "Racquet" and claimed that Zverev had become violent towards her during the ATP Masters in Shanghai 2019. In August 2021, Sharipova published the second part of the accusations via the internet platform »Slate.com«.

Zverev had vehemently rejected the allegations and obtained a restraining order against Sharipova. An investigation by the ATP was discontinued at the beginning of the year due to insufficient evidence.