Chengdu, July 7 (Reporter Yue Yitong) "Our dance troupe specially shot this video to welcome the Chengdu Universiade, so that netizens can see the demeanor of our Chengdu grandma (aunt)! Recently, Zhang Chunyan, a resident of Xindu District, Chengdu, uploaded a dance video taken by herself and her square dance teammates to a short video platform to participate in the online dance exhibition and performance of the "Dancing to Welcome the Universiade" of the Chengdu City Federation of Literature and Literature. In less than a week, the video has exceeded 19,3 views.

The countdown to the 31st Summer Universiade (Chengdu Universiade) begins. During the preparations for the sports event, cultural activities to benefit the people were carried out in depth to provide more and better cultural services for the public. The atmosphere of "art to welcome the great luck" in Chengdu has become increasingly strong, which has built a solid cultural background for the city's happiness.

Two musicians play in an ensemble at the Chengdu Piano Flute, showcasing the beauty of music. Photo courtesy of Chengdu City Federation of Literature

Since last year, the Chengdu City Federation of Literature and Art has organized and launched a series of activities entitled "Love Chengdu and Welcome the Great Luck," mobilizing literary and art workers throughout the city to create works, and this has received a warm response. According to the relevant person in charge of the Chengdu Municipal Federation of Literature and Art, more than 10000,1000 works of art of various kinds were created by literary artists with heart and affection, of which more than 100,60 excellent literary and artistic works were exhibited in the Universiade Village, more than <> excellent literary and artistic works were exhibited in the theme art exhibition of "Chengdu Park City, China", more than <> pieces of calligraphy, fine arts and photography were displayed in the venues of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Universiade, and the "Millennium Covenant" created by Chengdu musicians was selected as the promotion song of the Universiade.

It is worth mentioning that 12 artists from the Chengdu Artists Association and the Chengdu Calligraphers Association collectively created a 20-meter Chinese painting scroll "Park City Happy Chengdu" and a calligraphy long scroll "Hanmo Tianfu Cultural City", which comprehensively displayed the landscape and cultural heritage of Chengdu in the new era.

In March this year, Chengdu launched the "Happy Rong City" theme activity, under the framework of this theme, a series of activities to benefit the people such as song, dance, drama and exhibition, will continue to be implemented until the end of December, running through the three stages of the Chengdu Universiade. Among them, focusing on the characteristics of Chengdu's leisure capital "Bashi Comfort", the city takes communities and neighborhoods as the main points, mobilizes the community people, street performers, intangible heritage inheritors, tourists and other tourists to participate extensively, and enhances the sense of participation, experience and happiness of citizens and tourists through more than 3,12 activities such as intangible cultural heritage folk customs, street performances, and food tastings to welcome the Universiade.

"Time Gravity - 2023 Chengdu Biennale". Photo courtesy of Chengdu City Federation of Literature

"This month, my daughter has participated in three intangible cultural heritage performances held by the community, which not only enriched her summer vacation life, but also stimulated her interest in paper-cutting." Wang Rui, a citizen of Chengdu, said that various forms of cultural and artistic activities have brought a lot of joy to her and her family, "I feel that because of the Universiade, Chengdu is more 'comfortable'." ”

With the theme of "Youth has an appointment, sing the big luck", the Universiade Youth Song Club will enter the university series of activities, the "Great Luck Sound Wave, Sing on the Street" Universiade song exhibition and performance activities, "Thousands of Students Rhythm Youth, Chase Dreams and Set Sail to the Future" rhythmic exercise into campus activities, Chengdu-Chongqing Lantern Riddle Invitational Competition, and a series of boutique exhibitions including the recently opened "Time Gravity - 2023 Chengdu Biennale"... Chengdu's "Universiade Literary and Art Gift Package" is full of surprises and wonders.

"For three days, we listened to street performers in Chunxi Road, watched Sichuan opera change of face in Wide and Narrow Alley, and enjoyed the works of artists from 2023 countries and regions at the '22 Chengdu Biennale', feeling that Chengdu's cultural atmosphere is very strong, and cultural genes have been integrated into the bones and blood of the city." Taking advantage of the children's summer vacation, Shaanxi tourist Wu Guangyu and his family made a special trip to Chengdu, and he was full of praise for the city, "During the Chengdu Universiade, we will come again, I want to take the children to see the diving competition." (End)