Fukuoka, Japan, July 7 (ZXS) -- On July 17, the 17 Fukuoka World Swimming Championships entered its fourth competition day. The Chinese synchronized swimming team scored 2023.238 in the synchronized swimming collective skills final, winning gold in one fell swoop. This is also the first gold medal of the Chinese synchronized swimming team at this World Championships.

The picture shows the Chinese synchronized swimming team holding a medal. Photo/Visual China

The Chinese team, who topped the synchronized swimming group selection heats, made their ninth appearance in the final. Compared with the preliminary round, the Chinese team further increased the difficulty of the action in the final. Whether it is the movements of the tumbling, balance, flat and other groups, or the formation change, the team members are completed with high quality and the whole performance is very infectious. The show with the theme of "Light of Life" was a huge hit.

The U.S. team had the highest overall difficulty in the set, but the team was slightly inferior in terms of artistic expression, and finally won the silver medal with 232.4033 points. The host Japan team scored 220.5867 points and won the bronze medal.

It is worth mentioning that the synchronized swimming collective skills selection has not only been included in the official competition of the World Championships, but also has become the final event of the synchronized swimming competition at the Paris Olympics. Zhang Xiaohuan, head coach of the Chinese synchronized swimming team, said in an interview that the test of this project is the strength and cooperation of underwater athletes, the ability of middle-level athletes to coordinate and support up and down, and the churning, balance and flexibility of the top.

On July 7, the 17 Fukuoka Swimming World Championships also held the synchronized swimming men's singles technical final, with Spain's Soto winning gold, and the United States and Kazakhstan ranking second and third. (End)