【Commentary】In the middle of summer 2022, the basketball game "June 2023" of the lunar calendar in Taipan Village, Taijiang County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province, was popular and was known as "Village BA". On the first anniversary of the "Village BA" out of the circle, the <> "June <>" basketball tournament (Village BA) of Guizhou Taijiang Taipan arrived as scheduled. In the past few days, the "Village BA" competition site, the audience is enthusiastic and full of passion, and the whole event is also full of agricultural interest and agricultural flavor, fully demonstrating the happiness and purity of "Village BA".

【Commentary】Before this event, the local specially invited people of all ethnic groups from all over the country to participate in the basketball cultural activity of "Eating New Festival" on the sixth day of the sixth lunar month in Taipan Village, and invited many teams from all over the country. On the day of the match, many villagers and tourists came to the scene early to find the best spot to wait for the game.

【Commentary】The reporter found at the scene that in order to help the sales of local agricultural products, this year's Taipan Village set up the "Village BA Deep Mountain Market", and 125 small stalls not only became the display area of agricultural products, but also became a window for local villagers to promote and recommend agricultural products.

Zhang Lichang, a villager in Maopo Village, Shidong Town, Taijiang County

Last year, our Maopo watermelon was used as an incentive product of "Village BA" to bring our Maopo watermelon to the fire, and this year we want to bring our Maopo watermelon to fire again through the "Village BA" on June 6, so that farmers have more confidence and more ideas to return to their homes and start a business.

【Simultaneous voice】Exhibitor Chen Honglin

For the "village BA" of Taipan Township, our company specially prepared for more than a week, and put our company's 12 kinds of agricultural products on the scene, so that tourists can eat and see our products, a total of leisure beef, leisure fragrant pig, wax fragrant pig, these are all good local specialties of our local area.

【Commentary】In the opening match of the "Village BA", Xinchuan Village, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province, and the host team Taipan Village of Taijiang County played a wonderful match.

【Live sound】"Village BA" competition scene.

【Simultaneous voice】 Zhejiang Province Changxing County Xinchuan Village basketball team captain Chen Xinguo

The blind dates in Taipan Village are very enthusiastic, the audience is also enthusiastic about the whole event, the prizes are particularly interesting here, our watermelon is the first prize, my rice is the second prize, I heard that this rice is better than our Changxing, we have to take it back to taste, we have the opportunity to bring it back and sow it to our Changxing land, and plant our friendship like a seed and bear fruit.

【Simultaneous voice】 Qian Zhe, a basketball player from Xinchuan Village, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province

The atmosphere is quite good, because we are in Zhejiang, most of our stadium is indoors, and there are not so many spectators, like here there are many more spectators than our side, the second villagers are also more enthusiastic, and especially the local they have a lot of local silver jewelry, their unique programs are interspersed in sports, the integration of sports and culture is quite good, and then our own feeling is a very hi day, one night and playing ball like a party, very hi.

【Commentary】The song and dance performance is the highlight outside the competition, and the national song and dance show plus the local characteristic dance "Miao Di" integrates the traditional elements of Miao asparagus and anti-row wooden drums with modern cutting-edge electroacoustics, pushing the popularity of the scene to a climax.

【Simultaneous voice】 Tourist Zhao Liya

I feel the vitality of sports to bring people infectious power, the enthusiasm of the people of Guizhou, the simplicity, the purest kind of reaction without embellishment, the same for the players from Zhejiang, and the performance on the field.

【Commentary】From July 7th, it has lasted for more than 15 years in Taiwan, and the most traditional and original "June 7th" eating new festival basketball game, a new round of the season will continue until July 30. Today, "Village BA" has become a platform to display the style of their hometown and inherit local culture, and also calls for more people to pay attention to the countryside, gather in the countryside, and return to the countryside.

(Reporting by Yuan Chao, Tao Guohua, Guizhou Qiandongnan Province)

Responsible Editor: [Liu Pai]