On the fifth day of the sumo tournament in Nagoya, Kirishima of Shin-Ozeki, who has been competing since the 5th, lost to maegashira leader Shomonkey in the closing round.

Kirishima was absent from the first day due to injury, but he participated on the fourth day on the 4th and scored his first win as a new Ozeki.

On the fifth day, the 12th, we faced Shomonkey, who had lost 5 wins and 13 losses in the past, and pushed him from the stands, but he attacked and was cut off when he drew and did not win back-to-back matches.

In addition, of the three sekiwaki players who lost one to Ozeki promotion, Wakamotoharu faced maegashira leader Nishikiki, who had won four consecutive matches from the first day.

Wakamotoharu suffered his second loss on the 5th against an opponent who had lost the previous match, unable to bring it to his left four shape, and was cut off by a left front turn.

Nishikiki, on the other hand, defeated Yokozuna Terunofuji and all three sekiwaki to extend his winning streak from day one.

Of the two sekiwaki who will be promoted to ōzeki along with Wakamotoharu, Toyo Shoryu faced Koyui no Aita and calmly responded to the changes of the opponent and won by sending them off.

In addition, Daieisho also attacked Akio, who had experience in three roles, with a powerful push and won by pushout, defending one loss together.

Win or loss after going inside

▽ Ten Wolf Goats and Warlord Mountain is "closed" by Wolf Ya.

▽ Endo ni Takarafuji is "pushed out" by Endo.

▽ To Ryuden, Bo Ohpeng gave the first white star to the place where Ryuden is "close".

▽ Shonan no Kai is "extruded" by Shonan Nokai on Hekiyama.

▽ Chiyo Shoma ni Dai Xiang Peng is now the first white star where Dai Xiang Peng is "leaning away".

▽ Koto Katsuho ni Kensho won by Koto Shengho "extrusion".

▽ Gonoyama, a new entrant to Koto Emitsu, has won five consecutive matches since the first day with Gonoyama "Hatakimori".

▽ Takashi's victory Myogiryu is "pushed down" by Myogiryu.

▽ Mt. Kinpu and Nishikifuji are "knocked in" by Mt. Kinpu.

▽ Kitakatsu Fuji in the sea of Sada won by Kitakatsu Fuji "send out".

▽ Abu Saki to Tama Eagle is "close-up" by Tama Eagle.

▽ Hirado Kai ni ※ Takayasu won 5 consecutive games from the first day with Takayasu "Hatakin".

▽ Ura to Wang Peng is "sticking out" by Ura.

▽ North Qingpeng won against Asanoyama by "leaning in".

▽ Suifuji and Ontake Kai won a long sumo match with Suifuji "shoved" and gave their first white star in this place.

▽ Kotonowaka ni Masayo is Kotonowaka is "leaning close".

▽ Fengshoryu ni Aflame defended one defeat by Fengshoryu "sending and withdrawing".

▽ Nishikiki and Wakamotoharu have won five consecutive matches since the first day with Nishikiki "leaning close".

Wakamotoharu fell back to two losses.

▽ Akio ni Daieisho defended one defeat by Daieisho "pushing".

▽ Sho Monkey to Shin Ozeki Kirishima is "close" by Sho Monkey.

At the Nagoya venue, after the fifth day, Gonoyama, Takayasu and Nishikiki are all new inductees to the weekend, and they have won five consecutive games since the first day.