On the fourth day of the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament, Kirishima of Shin-Ozeki, who had been absent from the first day due to injury, competed on the 4th and defeated Kotonowaka Koyui to earn his first victory. On the other hand, yokozuna Terunofuji will be absent from the fourth day in Nagoya due to a back injury.

Kirishima was suspended from the first day due to worsening pain in his right back just before the start of the Nagoya tournament, and was the first Shin-Ozeki to lose on the first day since the Showa era.

Even so, as his injury improved, he played on the fourth day of the tournament on the 4th, and because Yokozuna Terunofuji was absent from the 12th, he faced Kotonowaka Koyui at the end of the match.

Kirishima attacked Kotonowaka, who had won in past matches, with a strong hit in the stands, and calmly sent off when his opponent came to throw a small hand at the edge of the ring to give him his first victory.

In addition, of the three sekiwaki who are currently being promoted to Ozeki, Daieisho who won three consecutive matches from the first day faced maegashira leader Nishikiki, who also won three consecutive matches and raised Venus on the second day.

Daieisho attacked with a powerful thrust, but was defeated by Nishikiki by hook, and suffered his first loss at this place.

Now there is no longer a winning game in more than three roles.

The other two sekiwaki defended their first loss by winning with a strong margin of victory over Ontake Kai, who had experience in Ozeki, and Wakamotoharu was unable to bring it to the left four, which he was good at against Suifuji in the flat curtain, but won with a scoop.

Results of Makuuchi's Efforts

This is the result of Makuuchi's efforts.

Hekiyama and Endo were misplaced by Gyoji's army, and Hekiyama won by "pushing".

Endo won 3-1 in his first match.

In Warlord Mountain, Bo Sakura Peng is a new inductee Bo Sakura Peng is "close".

Treasure Fuji and Daisho Peng are Takarafuji "lean in".

Ryūden and Gonoyama won four consecutive games from the first day when newcomer Gonoyama won with a "shove".

Kotokatsumine and Shonan Noumi are "pushed out" by the new inductee Shonan Nokai.

Chiyo Shoma ni Koto Emitsu is Koto Emitsu "leans in".

Kensho ni Kinpu Mountain is "good throwing" by Kensho.

Kitakatsu Fuji and Myogiryu Kitakatsu Fuji "Hataki".

Takayasu wins Takayasu with "Hataki" and has won four consecutive matches since the first day.

Tama Eagle ni Nishikifuji is Tama Eagle "leans in".

The sea of Sada to Wang Peng is "sticking out" by Wang Peng.

The North Qingpeng and Hirado Sea are "close to each other".

Abu Saki and Asanoyama won three consecutive games from the second day after Asanoyama won with a "scoop throw".

We won 4 and lost 4.

Ura to Akio is "pushed out" by Ura.

Shomonkey to Aflame is "pushed out" by Aflame.

Suifuji is "Hatakin" by Wakamotoharu.

Nishikiki won against Daieisho with a "hook" to make it four consecutive wins.

In the Ontake Sea, Hoshoryu is "close-up".

Ozeki Kirishima and Kotonowaka won by Kirishima "sending out".

Yokozuna Terunofuji was suspended from the 2th due to a hip injury, and Masayo received a bye.