Akatyeva fracture

Sofia Akatyeva received a stress fracture of the foot and dropped out of the training process for an indefinite period. The skater herself does not comment on the injury, and according to coaches, it is difficult to predict the timing of the return, since the healing process is individual for each athlete. According to Maxim Trankov, the champion of Russia knows how to cope with this problem, and will be able to quickly return to duty.

"Unfortunately, stress fracture is a common story. Whether she will be able to perform at the beginning of the season will depend on how the recovery will go," Ilya Averbukh said in turn.

In the fan environment, especially among the opponents of the coaching staff of Eteri Tutberidze, they did not fail to recall that this is not the first case of such types of fractures in Khrustalny. Earlier, Evgenia Medvedeva, Alexandra Trusova and Elizabeth Tursynbaeva faced the same problem. However, according to Tatyana Tarasova, Akatyeva's injury has nothing to do with the coaching approach.

"Not only in the group of Eteri Tutberidze there are stress fractures, we have this. It happens in sports and others. Stress fracture is popular among figure skaters, because we have such a job, and there is a lot of work, "said the honored coach of the USSR.

So far, the skater's leg has been fixed with a special orthosis, and Sophia came to the recent Forbes forum "Success by 30: A Look at a New World" on crutches. Speaking to the audience, the athlete spoke about her dreams.

"My dream is to achieve good success in figure skating. My dreams are now connected with him. I want to train and perform at a high level. Achieve all sorts of heights. Perform at major competitions, including in the international arena. I want to leave my mark on figure skating, to do something first in history, to set a record," Akatyeva shared.

Herboldt's memories of trauma

Meanwhile, Katharina Herboldt for the first time spoke in detail about the leg injury that forced her to retire from the sport. According to the former figure skater, it all happened during the practice of a quadruple ejection, which she did not want to do on the lounge. At the same time, Tamara Moskvina, who was the coach of her pair with Alexander Enbert, insisted on this version of the element. As a result, the coaches managed to convince her to try, but the only attempt ended in a serious injury.

"Since the lounge was a little bit behind, I started to be dragged back and twisted. My foot got stuck in the trail, and I made a whole turn. I tore apart everything that exists in my leg. All ligaments, muscles, tendons, syndesmosis capsules, "said Katarina.

According to her, almost all doctors unanimously declared that she was no longer destined to go on the ice. There were even doubts about whether the girl would be able to just walk without limping. And only one of the specialists took up her rehabilitation, but warned that she would have to overcome inhuman pain. Herboldt agreed and trained for a while and even performed, overcoming herself. And then Enbert decided to look for a new partner, since there was no progress in their pair.

"I supported him. It could be understood," the skater emphasized.

After a break in active training, the pain receded and Herbold even paired up with the Frenchman Brian Joubert, but their creative union did not last long. The reason for this was the language barrier, and the difference in mentality, and the reluctance of both to radically change their lives.

"We looked good together, there was potential, but it's not enough. I couldn't imagine why it was necessary for a person who had achieved everything in singles. In general, it turned out that way - he was interested and liked how we did it, but in a sense we were doomed as a couple. To skate together seriously, it was necessary to change a lot in life, to sacrifice a lot. Because I didn't want to play for France, only for Russia. And Brian did not let go of his mother to play for Russia," Katarina said.

  • Russian figure skaters Katharina Herboldt and Alexander Enbert
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The return of Shcherbakova

Last week, fans were excited by the news that Anna Shcherbakova came to the training camp of Tutberidze's group in Novogorsk and began active training. There was talk that the Olympic champion intends to resume her career in the new season. This information was indirectly confirmed by Ilya Averbukh. According to him, speaking in one of his shows, Shcherbakova admitted that she was considering returning to the sport.

Many experts enthusiastically received this news. So, according to Natalia Bestemyanova, Anna, if desired, is able to reach the previous high level and fight for victory with a new generation of figure skaters. And Tatyana Mishina noted that high competition in Russia will only spur the champion of Beijing.

"Strong rivals always stimulate good work and develop healthy competition. Here you can wish Anna good health, so that all the girls return to duty, then there will be normal competition, which will raise the level of our Russian figure skating. The higher the competition, the higher the level of sportsmanship. Anna has a strong character, so it is possible for her to return to the number of the strongest figure skaters, "RIA Novosti quotes the coach.

Shcherbakova herself is still cautious about her prospects. She called her work in Novogorsk simply the restoration of physical fitness.

"To be honest, I don't like to talk about something undone. If this (resumption of career. - RT) happens, it will not be missed, everyone will know about it, so there will be something to discuss. While I would not like to comment on and discuss it," said the skater.

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Kostomarov's new video

Fans of figure skating do not get tired of admiring the courage and fortitude of Roman Kostomarov. Some time ago, the Olympic champion returned to social networks and, with a difference of a few days, published two videos of his training on prostheses. On the first, he pedals on an exercise bike, and on the second, he swings his legs and climbs the stairs on his own.

"Every day I try to do something new ... But I want to run and jump!" — wrote the athlete.

According to sources in the hospital, the prostheses that replace the skater's feet and lower legs are still temporary. Doctors have not yet started prosthetic hands - the footage only shows that they are bandaged.

"Roman is still in intensive care. He masters leg prostheses, gets used to them. No more than an hour a day: it hurts enough, it takes time, "TASS quoted the source as saying.

Comments on Kostomarov's posts are full of words of admiration and support from subscribers. Separately, they note Roman's smile, with which he accompanies his training.

Kostomarov also receives many messages from colleagues and friends. So, actress Alyona Khmelnitskaya called the video "a hymn to life and fortitude, and Maxim Trankov admitted that he did not doubt his friend for a second.

"They don't just become Olympic champions, there would be more students like you!" said Alexander Zhulin.

Medvedeva at the concert

Evgenia Medvedeva actively spends her summer vacation. After a trip to the Maldives with her boyfriend Dmitry Chigirev, the two-time world champion went to Amsterdam, where she attended a concert by Canadian singer The Weeknd. Her companion this time was Sabine Schoch, who is responsible for working with VIP guests at Dynamo. The girls first bought tickets for the performance on the dance floor, and then decided to attend the second concert the next day.

"We had a tour yesterday. But these are all flowers, because ... My goal was not an excursion at all... Of course, I flew to The Weeknd concert. And then we took tickets for the second day and came again. To look not from the dance floor, but from above at all this beauty. P.S. If you are below 170, do not take the dance floor. And in general they did not regret that they went again. Thanks to Sabina for involving me in this exciting adventure," Medvedev wrote on the social network.

And upon returning home, the vice-champion of the Olympics discovered that she had to perform at the Day of Moscow Sports.

"There's no way you'll know where I am. I'm in the gym. And you will never guess where I will go tomorrow. I'm going to skate on the ice tomorrow! To say that I did not calculate the time is to say nothing. We'll see, of course, but the day after tomorrow there will be a performance. It takes an hour and a half to prepare. Probably, this is how professionalism is tested, "Evgenia shared.

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Trusova's party

Alexandra Trusova turned 19 years old on June 23, but the athlete did not immediately manage to arrange a big party on this occasion, since she met the holiday at the training camp in Yerevan. And so, returning to Moscow, the vice-champion of the Beijing Olympics gathered friends.

Sofia Samodelkina, Elena Radionova, Artur Danielyan, Anastasia Gubanova, Stanislava Konstantinova, Anastasia Skoptsova, Elizaveta Nugumanova and, of course, Mark Kondratyuk came to congratulate the skater.

The athletes danced a lot, and also performed the birthday girl's song "Two Wings", which she released on her birthday as a gift to fans. Under the same track, the figure skater performed the next day with a demonstration number on the Day of Moscow Sports in Luzhniki.

"I was pleased that so many people know my song. I am very glad that I have such loyal fans," said Alexandra.

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