Moscow sport celebrates its 100th anniversary this year. In honor of this event, a branded branded train was launched in the capital's metro this week. And on Saturday, July 1, a big sports festival took place in Luzhniki. Guests of the event were waiting for a rich program, including numerous tournaments, games, trainings, master classes with the participation of famous athletes. The organizers were preparing that the sports complex would be visited by over 200 thousand people.

Most of all this time were involved skaters. For an hour and a half, the strongest representatives of the Russian national team of different generations at the Small Sports Arena delighted the audience with demonstration numbers. Kamila Valieva appeared in a new snow-white dress and skated to "Dancing on Glass". In a lyrical image, Evgenia Medvedeva appeared under the musical composition "High", and Mark Kondratyuk preferred the "Districts-Quarters" of the "Beasts" group.

Alexandra Trusova performed under her own song "Two Wings", written for her birthday. It was this number that became one of the most unexpected and daring. Immediately after its completion, the audience strewn the ice with toys. There were so many of them that Alexei Yagudin, who was supposed to ride next, had to help collect gifts.

Figure skaters also tried other sports. So, the Olympic champion Anna Shcherbakova, who did not go on the ice of the Small Sports Arena for health reasons, played table tennis.

"I used to play on vacation with my family, I studied with my dad. He plays better, twists, dampens, I'm in a more relaxed mode. At the training camp, we often play, at competitions, at the World Cup there was a "bubble" when it was impossible to go outside the hotel, they also played there, "Shcherbakova admitted in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The skater also said that after the Olympics, her life became much more interesting, as the athlete began to be invited to various events and there were more opportunities.

"My life is much more versatile now. There is development in other areas as well. But figure skating stays with me. I've been skating since I was three years old and I've never been so passionate about anything," the skater added.

A much more difficult sport was chosen for the test by Alina Zagitova. If last year the girl boxed with Oleg Saitov, then this time she took part in a show duel with epee with Olympic champion Karina Aznavouryan.

"Boxing was a discovery for me last year, I started doing it myself for general development. I didn't even think that I would box here. Now I was offered to spar with the Olympic champion in fencing, she gave me a master class, but this, of course, was not enough, "Zagitova explained.

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However, Aznavourian did not upset Alina's fans and lost with a score of 14:15. At the same time, according to Karina, the opponent even got some good injections. The skater joked that now she has a couple of professional injuries in fencing.

"Was she afraid of injections? Today is a chaotic day. I didn't have time to think about it. So the first hit on me, and I'm like, auch, what was that? Perhaps there will be a bruise, "Match TV quoted Zagitova as saying.

Alexandra Trusova chose this time a not very dynamic sport. Last year, at Athletics Week, she competed in the long jump, and on Saturday she tried petanque and even won 5:2. Kamila Valieva did not lag behind the rest. She took part in a breakdance master class.

Evgenia Medvedeva refused to experiment at Luzhniki, but she was happy to talk to the fans after the demonstrations and talk about her experience of skiing.

"Completely different muscles work there. If you go skiing, then you go out on the ice and stomp the same way. Therefore, skis are contraindicated for us. And then I decided that I had to take everything from life. I liked it, it's great. This summer I plan to try wakeboarding. Let's see if it works out," Medvedeva said.

Evgenia also shared her impressions of cooperation with Dynamo Moscow. Last season, the world champion interviewed the players for the club channel. According to the skater, professional teamwork is alien to her, since she is a single skater.

"Although I skate in pairs, but these are two people, not more than a dozen. They are all so different - different ages, different upbringing. It was interesting to chat with them, to find out what they do at the training camp. This is a completely different physical activity, other moral principles," Medvedeva said.

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Lokomotiv forward Artem Dzyuba, who also came to talk to the fans, could tell everything about football. But he was more asked not about the sport, but about the shows in which he starred with Leonid Slutsky.

"I like to be in this role. Only, children, 18+. You don't have to watch it! We enjoy this show, we have fun. We show what happens to the athletes in the locker room, because in sports you can't talk all the time without swearing. "Sir, you gave a pass in the wrong direction," it will not work. I did not read the comments, but Slutsky does. When you are a footballer in our country, you have to be prepared for negativity. If you don't like it, don't look. We are not forcing anyone," Dzyuba said.

At the same time, Artem is not going to leave at the end of his sports career in show business. He is more interested in coaching.

"I'm thinking about it, I want to know what it's like to be on the other side. I'm interested," admitted Dzyuba.

Sergey Karjakin also took part in the event. The grandmaster held a simultaneous chess session on 20 boards at once.

"Everything went great today, the minimum task was not to get a heat stroke. The games were not easy, I lost points and even lost one of them to a child who is probably ten years old. But it was clear that he was engaged in chess," Karjakin said.

It should be noted that Luzhniki was not without unpleasant surprises. Thus, the security service had to cancel fan meetings and press approaches of Valieva and Trusova. As the organizers explained, this decision was made so that the stampede that arose when Shcherbakova appeared would not be repeated.

The evening ended with a big concert with the participation of famous performers, including Sergey Lazarev, Lyusya Subbotina, Anatoly Tsoi, Niletto and Rita Dakota.

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