Ahead of the Asian Cup of Women's Basketball, which will lead to the final Olympic qualifier, kicks off this month, the Japan National Team played a warm-up match against Denmark and won the Japan 102-49 to win their third straight game.

At the Women's Asian Basketball Cup, which kicks off in Australia on 26 March, the top four teams will qualify for next year's World Final Qualifier for the Paris Olympics.

Ahead of this tournament, which will be the first time in history to win six consecutive titles, world No. 6 Japan played a warm-up match against world No. 9 Denmark, and Japan, who have won two consecutive matches, will face the third and final match.

In the first quarter, Japan led to a speedy offense to take a 52-point lead at 2-3.

In the second quarter, they made six three-point shots, including two three-point shots by Mai Yamamoto, to extend their lead to 1-26.

In the third quarter, there was time for the opponents to create many chances, but thanks to the performance of MIYAZAKI Saori, the opposing team was pushed away, and Japan scored another 11 points in the fourth quarter to win 15-2 against Denmark.

Japan beat Denmark three in a row.

Mai Yamamoto was chosen as the MVP of this training match.