On the morning of June 6, the Chinese men's football team continued outdoor training at the side field of Dalian Barracuda Bay Professional Football Stadium. According to the rhythm of preparation, the whole team still maintained a moderate training intensity during this training period. Judging from the situation reflected in the previous China-Myanmar game and the shortcomings exposed by the team, it is necessary for coach Jankovic to help the players "correct mistakes" as soon as possible through a few training sessions.

The whole team still maintains

Moderate training intensity

As with most previous training days, the outdoor training of the Chinese team on the 18th was still scheduled for the morning. Before the start of training, all team members, including Wang Shenchao and Wei Zhen, who missed the China-Myanmar competition due to health reasons and trained a few days ago, were in the center of the training venue and took family photos of this training camp.

At the training site, both head coach Jankovic, his Chinese and foreign assistants and colleagues, and the international players had smiles on their faces. It can be seen that the result of defeating Myanmar with 16 goals on the evening of the 4th relieved the pressure on this national football team and added confidence at the same time. For the next match against Palestine, the whole team is determined to win.

On the 17th, the first outdoor training after the China-Myanmar match, Jankovic arranged for 17 players who appeared in the game to undergo recovery training, and the few players who did not play participated in high-intensity training. By the 18th, the team still maintained a moderate training intensity, because there were only two days before the start of the warm-up match. Before training, Jankovic also reminded the players: "In two days, we have another opponent, a stronger opponent than Myanmar, and I hope everyone will continue to stay focused and maintain the belief of going all out." ”

Palestine, as the third tier team in the final stage of the 2023 Asian Cup, is far stronger than Myanmar, who failed to make it to the final of the Asian Cup. For this opponent, in addition to focus, the Chinese team must also improve its technical and tactical performance. Combined with the situation of the China-Myanmar game, the Chinese team needs to improve mainly on the defensive end. Imagine that Myanmar's counter-attacking opportunity in the first half of the match on the 3th was placed in front of the more aggressive Palestinian team, and the situation of the game could be substantially reversed. Therefore, Yankovic is taking advantage of the training of recent days to "mend" in these aspects.

For the time being, we still need to rely on it

The "passing on the band" of veterans

At present, the practical problem facing the Chinese team in lining up the team is that Wei Zhen and Wang Shenchao, two defenders, missed many training sessions and China-Myanmar warm-up matches due to health reasons, and Wang Shenchao did not train with the team after participating in the team's family portrait shooting on the 18th. Although Wei Zhen trained with the team, his physical condition was not optimistic for the time being. This means that when the Chinese team plays against the Palestinian team, it is still possible to copy the defensive combination warmed up by China and Myanmar.

Judging from the continuous recruitment of "newcomers" or young players such as Sun Guowen, Chen Pu and Lin Liangming in March and June, Jankovic is still very eager to speed up the team's rejuvenation and transformation process. However, the warm-up match between China and Myanmar may give him a new understanding of the team's current actual combat ability. In that match, Lin Liangming, who scored his first goal for the national team, was undoubtedly one of the best young players. As for Sun Guowen and Wang Ziming, the performance was mediocre, and Chen Pu did not appear.

When the game reached a stalemate, it was precisely the veterans such as Zhang Linpeng and Wu Lei who stepped forward, and they broke the stiffness and scored twice respectively, becoming the key to helping the team seal the victory. With Wu Xi, the core of the midfield, absent due to injury, the national football team's poor offensive and defensive conversion is obvious. It is not difficult to judge from this that if Jankovic wants to lead the team to continue the good momentum, he still needs to rely on the "passing help" of the veterans for the time being.

In the warm-up match of the Chinese bus

A change of formation is unlikely

In the training on the 18th, Jankovic successively arranged 6-on-6 small-scale offensive and defensive training for the whole team, as well as 10-on-10 confrontation drills. At present, it is unlikely that Jankovic will change his team in the China-Pakistan warm-up match. Even if there are adjustments to individual candidates for individual positions, Jankovic is likely to remain the main framework of the warm-up game he played. It can be said that in the process of leading the team, Jankovic insisted on it and corrected it at the same time. Text/Reporter Xiao Zhao Photo courtesy of Xinhua News Agency


Wu Lei: I am very happy that Axon has returned to the national football team

On the morning of June 6, before the start of outdoor training at the side field of Dalian Barracuda Bay Professional Football Stadium, Wu Lei, as the absolute top scorer of the national football team, was interviewed by the media. He said he made his home debut with the team and scored two goals under the watchful attention of his family. The first home victory of the new year for the national team also made a good start to the upcoming World Preliminary Tournament journey, bringing a lot of confidence to everyone.

Wu Lei said that the head coach instilled the overall tactical concept at the beginning of the first training session, and although the personnel has changed, the technical tactics and framework of the entire team are still there. 'I think every player comes up, whoever they are, can quickly find their rhythm when they play their position, because everyone understands the coach's tactics.'

Talking about the current state, Wu Lei said, "What is more gratifying for so many years is that I have maintained a relatively good state every year, and there are no big ups and downs." It's the same in this year's league, where the national team scored at their first home game this year, and it will also give me a lot of confidence in myself and the whole team. ”

When asked by a media reporter that "from participating in the league 12 games to now, basically there has been no rest, and the national team and the Myanmar team have also played a full game, will there be some physical fatigue now", Wu Lei said: "As I get older, I do recover slower than when I was younger, but this rhythm of the game can still be adapted." ”

How does it feel to be reunited with Axon? In this regard, Wu Lei said: "We have a very tacit understanding on the field, and we are very happy that he can return to the national team. Text/Reporter Xiao Zhao


The national football team has improved its international ranking points for the first time in nearly a year

The Chinese men's football team won 6-16 against Myanmar in Dalian on the evening of June 4. Although the opponent's international ranking is nearly 0 places lower than the team, the national football team still has 80.2 international ranking points because of the victory and the large number of goals, so the FIFA ranking will also improve by 41 places. This is also the first time in nearly a year that the Chinese team's international ranking points have achieved positive growth.

In March this year, the national football team played two away games against New Zealand, resulting in a record of 3 draw and 1 defeat. As New Zealand's international ranking was lower than that of China, China's points plummeted. According to the latest international ranking released by FIFA in April this year, the Chinese team's points have fallen below the level of 1 points, ranking 4st in the world and 1300th in Asia with 1297.98 points.

With the victory over the Myanmar team, which is currently ranked 160th internationally, the national football team has gained 2.41 technical points, with a total score of 1300.39 points, and the international ranking of the Chinese team has also risen two places to 2th in the world. Guinea, previously ranked 79th in the world, lost 79-6 to Egypt in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers on June 15. Honduras, previously ranked 1th in the world, lost 2-80 to Venezuela in a warm-up match on June 6, with both teams losing points.

However, within the AFC, China will still be ranked 11th, as Uzbekistan (10.1323 points), temporarily ranked 90th in Asia, is more than 20 points ahead of China. In addition, Uzbekistan has won three consecutive group games in the Central Asian Cup this month, so it will be difficult for the Chinese team to overtake this opponent in the short term.

Text/Reporter Xiao Zhao