China News Network, Guizhou Rongjiang, June 6 Question: Guizhou "village chao": On the one hand, there is life, and on the other hand, love

Written by Yanling Zhou Chao Yuan

When I met Tai Wenyong, a member of the football team in Chejiang Second Village in Rongjiang County, Guizhou Province, he was wearing a jersey and his skin was a little dark, and he was skillfully operating agricultural machinery to shuttle back and forth in the field, whether it was a ploughing machine or a drone.

"We have to finish the work in the fields early, tonight's football game is crucial." Tai Wenyong, who just walked off the farm machine, said that playing football is a pure joy, working in the fields when the farm is busy, and playing football when the farm is idle.

Tai Wenyong, who is responsible for playing defenders, began to play football at the age of seven or eight, in his words, in addition to herding cattle and chopping firewood when he was a child, he played barefoot with his friends on the sand by the river, and he could kick from morning to night.

The picture shows the scene of the "Village Super" competition in Guizhou. Photo by Qu Honglun

On one side is life, on the other side is love. For the football players of Guizhou's "Village Super League", Saturday's village football night has become a must-go "check-in" place for everyone every weekend, even if they don't play football, they will cheer on the field.

Guizhou "Village Super League", the full name is Rongjiang (Sanbao Dongzhai) and the American Rural Football Super League. Since May 5, the Chengbei New District Athletics Football Stadium in Rongjiang County has been held three or four football matches every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, lasting from afternoon to midnight. The team members come from all walks of life, and some players even return from out of town to compete in the green field, just to fight for the honor of their village on the green field.

Dong Yongheng, who sells local traditional food roll powder in the county town of Rongjiang, was called the "roll powder king" by netizens for scoring a "hat-trick" goal on the football field. This weekend, Dong Yongheng, who had a football game, worked hard with his team in the store while working with his family, grinding rice, steaming powder, packing roll powder...

The picture shows the scene of the "Village Super" competition in Guizhou, and the villagers cheered. Photo by Qu Honglun

"There are more tourists on weekends, and many hotels in the county are hard to find, and the income is twice as much as usual." Dong Yongheng said that the "village super" not only ignited the enthusiasm of the Chinese people for football, but also ignited the local economy.

Walking in Rongjiang County, even if there is no competition on weekend mornings, everyone seems to be idle. In Chejiang No. 2 Village, Rongjiang County, Shi Jiangli, dressed in ethnic costumes, organized cheerleaders in the village early in the morning to prepare a drinking ceremony for visiting tourists and special food for the evening competition.

"As long as the village football team goes to play, almost the entire village men, women and children will go to the scene to cheer for them." Shi Jiangli said that the village prepared rice cakes, sticky rice and other delicacies to bring to the stadium spectators to taste.

At the weekend "village chao" scene, villagers from all over China and tourists from all over China surrounded the entire football stadium. The players inside the stadium ran passionately, and cheerleaders dressed in national costumes outside the stadium danced hand in hand with tourists from all over the world.

During the halftime of the event, programs such as Dong big song chorus, Dong pipa song, and aquatic asparagus copper drum were staged in turn, making the "village super" not only a football feast, but also a national cultural feast and national carnival.

The picture shows Di Wenke, an Inner Mongolian wheelchair dancer at the scene of the "village chao" in Guizhou. Photo by Zhou Yanling

It is worth the trip, and it is the first feeling of Inner Mongolian wheelchair dancer Di Wenke who crossed more than 2000,<> kilometers to the scene of "Village Chao". Di Wenke in a wheelchair not only brought Inner Mongolian beef jerky to the players, but when the cheerleaders performed national songs and dances during the intermission, he couldn't help sliding his wheelchair to the center of the court, twisting his body to show Mongolian dance with his arms, and interacting with local Miao and Dong girls.

"It's a family of Chinese people, and it's very happy to dance with everyone, because the sportsmanship and joyful atmosphere here have made me rediscover football." Diwenko said that "Murachao" embodies a cohesive force, and I hope it will continue forever.

The picture shows Di Wenke taking a group photo with the players from the second village of Rongjiang Chejiang and the cheerleaders in the village. Photo by Zhou Yanling

At present, Rongjiang has more than 30 folk football teams, more than 1000,<> players registered with the county football association, and there are more than ten football fields of all sizes in the county alone.

"I saw the happy appearance of the Chinese-style modern countryside here" and "I really achieved the integration of culture and sports, which is what sports are originally like." ”...... Many netizens commented that the "village super" that is being carried out is a football game, not just a football game, the warm competition scene shows the love of compatriots of all ethnic groups for sports and confidence in life.

Data show that the "village super" of Rongjiang in Guizhou has driven more than 42,1 tourists and tourism revenue has exceeded 3 million yuan. For many players and cheerleaders, winning or losing is not really important, what is important is to enjoy the fun of playing football and the atmosphere of the scene. (End)