Major League Baseball Padres pitcher Yu Darvish became the winning pitcher against the Rockies on the 9th, earning his 100th major league win.

The game was played in Denver, Colorado, and Darvish started five days after his last game as the winning pitcher.

They kept the first and second innings at bay, but in the third inning, after a foreball and a wild pitch put runners on second base, they lost one run on their first hit of the game in front of center.

In the fourth and fifth innings, he put runners on but kept the game scoreless, and he took the mound in the sixth inning with a big 4-5 lead in the relief of the batting lineup, but he was replaced with the winning pitcher's rights when he was hit by a timely two-base hit to left field from first base with one out.

The Padres then won the game, 8-1, and Darvish, the winning pitcher, improved his record to 6-2 this season and reached 9 wins in his 6th year in the big leagues.

Japan is only the second pitcher to win 5 games in the big leagues, after Hideo Nomo.

In that game, Darvish pitched through the middle of the sixth inning, giving up four runs, five hits, four foreballs and six strikeouts for a 4.12 ERA.

Yusei Kikuchi gave up two runs in five innings

Kikuchi took the starting mound in search of his seventh win, four days after his last pitch against Mets pitcher Kodai Chiga.

In the first inning, the first batter suddenly hit a two-base hit, but he struck out the next one with a low changeup ball to the infield and kept the game scoreless.

After the second inning, they pitched mainly with change-up balls, and held them to three batters each in the third and fourth innings.

However, in the fifth inning, when an infield hit put a runner on first base, the No. 4 batter caught a low slider and allowed the first run on a two-run home run to left field.

Pitcher Kikuchi threw this inning and walked off the mound.

The Blue Jays then tied the game, but lost 7-1 in 2 innings.

Kikuchi threw 3 pitches in five innings, allowing four hits, one foreball, four strikeouts and two runs to remain 4-3 with a 0.0 ERA.