Miyui Kato won the mixed doubles title at Tennis Roland Garros for the first time in the four major tournaments. In the post-match press conference, she reflected on her achievements in overcoming the disqualification in women's doubles and the eventful tournament.

Kato overcame his disqualification to win the French Open mixed doubles title.

Germany's Tim Putz, a pair that showed outstanding chemistry, was actually a hastily formed pair just before the tournament. The formation was 2 minutes before the deadline for entry to the competition.

The two players attended a press conference after the final and reflected on the tournament.

The French Open mixed doubles final was held on the 2th.

The pair of Kato lost the first set 8-1, but regained the second set 4-6 before winning the match tiebreak 2-6 to win their first title in the four major tournaments.

In the press conference, Putz was asked how he recovered after dropping the first set.

"It was tough to drop the first set, and the second set was also generally inferior and it was difficult to get back, but I believed in myself, didn't give up, played well and played well in the last tiebreak. We are both delighted to be called Grand Slam champions."

Kato and Putz showed outstanding play and tenacity to win the championship.

When asked how he felt at that time, Kato asked.

"I'm very happy, he helped me a lot from the first round and I'm grateful to him. I didn't feel special just because it was Centre Court, I just wanted to play as strong as I always do."

And when asked if he thought there would be a last moment of joy, he said:

"I didn't do it at all. I'm very happy that it ended well."

This tournament was a big debate over the decision from the disqualification decision.

When asked how he would like to use these experiences in his career, Kato replied:

"I just have to try not to be disqualified for the rest of my life, this win is very big for me right now, so I want to use it in the women's doubles and I think I have a chance in the mixed doubles at other Grand Slams, so I want to win this trophy somewhere."

Furthermore, to the question of whether the pair will continue in the future.

When Kato said, "I asked if I would like to play at the Wimbledon Championships, but I was told that I would not play at Wimbledon," Putz replied, "I won't play at Wimbledon, I'm sorry. Miyui," and the audience was filled with laughter.

After this, when Kato asked Putz if he would play the U.S. Open next, he replied with a smile, "Can I play the U.S. Open?"